It is a question millions of hot girls, and some guys, have been asking for nearly a decade now. From the time the platform launched and quickly became a hub of adults only entertainment, everyone has been asking – who are the top OnlyFans earners, how much can you make on OnlyFans and what does it take to get started.

Maybe you know someone who has made their fortune as one of the top earners on OnlyFans. Perhaps it is the high school cheerleader turned slut, or that hot girl who always ignored you in high school. Maybe it is your former prom date, now all grown up and ready to become one of the OnlyFans top earners in her spare time. Or maybe it is you – ready to break out and break into this exciting new frontier in the world of social media sharing. 

No matter what the situation, you have a lot of questions about the OnlyFans business model and platform, from how it works and what type of content does the best to how much you can reasonably earn when you first get started. And as your business grows, you will have even more questions, including how to ramp up your earnings, attract more subscribers and create a more predictable stream of income, one that could one day not only supplement but ultimately replace your full time job.

Top OnlyFans Girls: Featured This Month

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Who Are the OnlyFans Top Earners?

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Whether your ultimate goal is to earn a bit of extra cash or earn enough to quit your day job, the more you know about the OnlyFans business model the easier it will be to get started. If you want to earn money on the site, it pays to look at what the top Only Fans earners are doing, not necessarily to copy them but to check out their style and look for ways to make your own content reflect who you truly are.

The top earners on OnlyFans run the gamut, from household name celebrities like Cardi B and Blac Chyna to veteran porn starts to established social media stars to relative unknowns. But no matter what their backgrounds or experience, these standouts all have a few things in common, starting with the willingness to share their lives with their fans.

Cardi B is undoubtedly one of the biggest success stories, not only in terms of her overall career but in terms of her OnlyFans earnings as well. In retrospect it would seem obvious that a gal who sings proudly about her wet ass pussy (WAP) would be a good fit for the site, but the transition was still met with its fair share of controversy.

Even so it is Cardi B who is laughing all the way to the bank, cashing checks for millions of dollars every month while connecting with her fans on a new and more intimate level. While those who plan to follow in Cardi B’s footsteps can expect more average onlyfans income, her story is still one to aspire to.

Some of the top only fans earners got off to a rocky start, only to recover in spectacular fashion and continue raking in the cash. When former Disney star Bella Thorne made the leap, she initially sparked controversy, and the ire of her fellow platform members, by offering nude photos for an eye popping $200 each. Since then the popular celebrity has settled into a profitable routine, posting and selling tastefully shot photographs and reportedly earning millions of dollars a month in the process.

From Teen to MILF

There is a widespread belief in the world of entertainment that younger is always better, and that every viewer of porn and buyer of online videos is obsessed with the barely legal and newly legal look. And while there is some truth to those preconceived notions, there is lots of room for the older ladies on the OnlyFans platform.

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As you explore and learn more about the OnlyFans platform and its business model you will quickly see that some of the OnlyFans top earners had been literally counting the days until their 18th birthdays. Raised on social media and born with smartphones in their hands, these members of the digital generation are no strangers to sharing, and the idea of sharing their bodies, their videos and their love lives with strangers on the internet comes as naturally as breathing.

These Only Fans top earners are testament to the huge market for teen content on the site, but what they may not know is their moms have been busy with their own cameras. The MILF category is one of the most popular on the site, and on the internet as a whole, and there is definitely a place for hot women no matter what their age.

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In fact, some of the top earners on OnlyFans are also the most seasoned, smart older ladies who know their way around the bedroom, and their partners’ genitalia. Armed with this knowledge, they have parlayed their love of sex into a great new business, sometimes earning a bit of spending money – and some may even be supplementing their retirement income.

The Power of Free

Some of the biggest OnlyFans earnings come via sky high subscription rates, and many celebrity models, actors and musicians have ridden this gravy train to monetary success. From mainstream actors and rap stars eager to sell their nudes and monetize their sex videos to reality TV stars trying to extend their 15 minutes of fame, this has been a tried and true path for top Only Fans earners for many years now, but it is not the only path to success.

In the high stakes world of social media and adult content, there is power in giving it all away, and that is what many of the most successful models, porn stars and other hotties have done. It may seem counterintuitive, but some of the most successful and top earning OnlyFans stars do not charge a subscription fee.

Of course these free site owners do make money in other ways – the OnlyFans model is not a charity after all. Some of these top OnlyFans earners make extra cash shooting custom porn videos for their fans, while others offer exclusive behind the scene content, private shows and dance sessions. No matter how they do it, the top earning OnlyFans models are increasingly harness in the power of the free.

Fighting Back Against Free Porn – And Making Money in the Process

One of the most curious aspects of the OnlyFans business model is that in many ways it is the diametrical opposite of PornHub and other free sites where porn stars typically strut their stuff and attempt to monetize their content. For sex workers rights advocates, and especially for the sex workers themselves, the flooding of the internet with free porn spelled the end of a business model that had previously been working, leaving many talented young women without a way to make a living.

The rise of OnlyFans has in many ways been an antidote to the flood of free porn, and a refreshing change of pace for porn stars, exotic dangers and other immersed in the adult entertainment business. Even so, not all porn stars have found success on the OnlyFans platform, and for these seasoned professionals and question of how much money can you make on only fans is just as real. 

As with so much on the OnlyFans platform, the earnings porn stars can enjoy when they go online will be the result of what they have to offer. When customers come to the site, they ask how much is onlyfans, and they wanting real value for their hard earned money. A number of well known porn stars, as well as some up and comers, have enjoyed great success on the OnlyFans platform, but success does not come without hard work and dedication.

How to Get Started

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By now it should be clear that the top Only Fans earners can count their annual income in the six, seven and even eight figures, but how can you claim your share of that bonanza? How can you get started on this popular adult oriented social media site, and how can you promote yourself and make sure would-be subscribers find you and join in on the fun?

With millions of accounts already online and hundreds of thousands more being created on a regular basis, standing out from the crowd is easier said than done, but there are some tips and tricks that will help you get your OnlyFans journey off to the best possible start. Here are some timely tops for becoming one of the top Only Fans earners – maybe not overnight but more quickly than you ever thought possible.

Think like a Business Owner

If you want to promote your OnlyFans presence the right way and eventually become one of the top Only Fans earners, you need to treat the platform like the business it is. The highest earning TikTok video stars do what they do for fun, but they also work hard to monetize their creations, talking to their fans, learning about what worked and did not work in the past and keeping up with the latest trends.

The same is true in the world of OnlyFans, and the creators who are the most successful tend also to be the most business savvy. If you have a business background or a mind for numbers, you are already a step ahead of the game, but you do not have to be a math major to make it work. By partnering with ReadySetCam you can jump start your views by buying traffic to your OnlyFans page, building the kind of buzz that drives links, likes and subscriptions. And once you have gotten your site off to a great start, you can take it from there, building on your past successes and ultimately becoming one of the top Only Fans earners on the platform.

The Power of Social Media

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As you go through the list of top Only Fans earners, you are likely to encounter lots of names you recognize. Some of them will be celebrities, including major pop stars, name brand actors and actresses, hilarious comedians, talented songwriters and others, but above all you are likely to find lots and lots of social media superstars.

In fact, parlaying an existing social media following on sites like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok is one of the most effective paths to a life as one of the top OnlyFans earners. When we asked how much do people make on OnlyFans, we heard again and again that the earning potential is often linked to social media popularity, and that makes having a solid social media presence in place absolutely essential.

If you have been making money on social media sites already, you also have a jump start on some of the newer would-be OnlyFans superstars. You already know how to monetize your content, you understand the business nature of popular social media platforms and more importantly you know how to connect with your fans on a personal, and even intimate, basis.

Granted the OnlyFans platform is a different beast entirely from those more staid and PG-rated sites, but that does not mean there are not any parallels. When you first got started on YouTube or Instagram, for instance, those first followers may have been hard to come by, but what if there had been a way to buy your way to early success, so you can build on your successes and build an even better business?

When it comes to establishing a presence on OnlyFans, that jump start is entirely possible, and when you partner with ReadySetCam you can build the kind of buzz that gets results, drives engagement, finds followers and attracts subscribers with money to spend. If you are ready to learn more about the path to success as an OnlyFans creator, we encourage you to check out all the great things ReadySetCam has to offer.

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