How MOONWALKERS Are Shaking Up the NFT Space

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets of items such as artworks, collectibles, and in-game items. They can be anything digital from songs, poems, or even a gaming character, but the technology is currently gaining traction in the selling of digital art. Images, movies, and GIFs are examples of digital art. They are typically encoded within blockchain networks and traded online. NFTs allow artists to receive a percentage of the sale or transfer of their work, even after ownership has been transferred.

This ground-breaking technology demands transparency and responsibility and gives people control over their data, even though their market saw record sales in 2021, with more experts, investors, and artists turning their attention to these digital collections.

MOONWALKERS NFT is a project on the Ethereum blockchain designed by world-renowned space artist Liam Pannier. Liam is a world-renowned 3D artist with a clearly defined artistic expression and a cutting-edge ability to build visuals to the highest quality of the most unbelievable atmospheres. This makes him a leading expert in his art form with a specialty in outstanding space artwork that sells worldwide for thousands of dollars through the MOONWALKERS metaverse.

Liam’s expertise and experience in the field have enabled him to work on numerous projects with various experts, including Warner Bros, Paramount Records, and Dej Jams, among many others. In addition, Liam is no stranger to corporate partnerships, as he has worked with numerous brands from diverse industries.

After many exhibitions in Manhattan, NY, in 2020, he decided to enter the world of NFTs with a collection of 8,888 MOONWALKERS, meticulously hand-drawn over months.

“This is a community-driven project. We want to build a community of like-minded pioneers while showcasing world-class artistry. We want to push the experience beyond your expectations. The MOONWALKERS team will give you the opportunity to discover the wonders of weightlessness. You’ll have access to the Parabolic Flight in Tampa, Florida, and Bordeaux, France (piloted by Thomas Pesquet). For one hour, the pilot makes a series of parabolas with breaks in between; you’ll get the chance to levitate majestically and feel like an astronaut,” Liam explains.

Liam’s mission is to thoughtfully build a brand that endures over time and a strong community of like-minded people with ambition who appreciate real art. This includes keeping the community abreast with the latest trends in the Web3 world. Web3 is the future of the tech world and a key part of the MOONWALKERS mission.

They have already planned to offer 100 of their holders tickets for the upcoming NFT Expoverse in Los Angeles and Greator Festival in Cologne (with Gary Vee) next July. MOONWALKERS holders can take advantage of hours of invaluable content and knowledge while networking with entrepreneurs, artists, NFT collectors, and Web3 enthusiasts.

Liam adds that they are working with a high-end/quality manufacturer to release the first MOONWALKERS merchandise collection, which will only be available to their holders. This includes a wide variety of hoodies, t-shirts, and hats and for part of their real-life collectibles. The aim is to build a long-term brand worn worldwide.

LA Weekly