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How far can a self-learning mindset take a person? As far as that person is willing to go. Belgian entrepreneur Mike Touzard is a real-life example of how a person’s sustained determination (no matter his age) can do wonders such as conquering the real-estate market. Let’s delve.

Taking the real-estate market by storm

When a person is successful, people often say things like, “Oh, how lucky she is’ or “He was born a businessman”. But seldom it occurs to people to actually take the effort to get a sneak peek into the years of hard work that made the success story happen. In Mike’s case there’s nothing better than to hear it in his own words, “I could scale up and become successful in real-estate because I spent years learning how to do it. I knew whom to collaborate with. When I presented my plan to Mark he jumped right in. I did my part, thoroughly.”

First things first

Those in real estate know the importance of a good location. An “AAA” location will not only bring prestigious retail tenants and better rental incomes, it will also reassure investors to have lower risks on their investment. When the location is not good enough, there are hundreds of ways to develop an area in order to make it the new “hot spot” in the city, like in Brickell, Miami, where Mike got personally involved. Mike understood this phenomenon at a very young age, that this is not just a rule of real estate but a guiding principle to live a successful life. Perhaps, that’s why Mike could start his real estate business even at a tender age of 15. If that was not enough, Mike sold his very first building when he was just 20 and that too within a week! His collaboration with billionaire entrepreneur Mark Klein just opened up more avenues for Mike who went on to partner with many other key real estate players around the world.

Ask him how he managed to learn the tricks of the real estate trade so early he says, “Practice. I created my first business when I was 15, started 9 years ago with just 70€. I quickly scaled up and ended up selling thousands of gadgets online. You’d think how this relates to real estate. Well, all of these years of doing business taught me to think and act like a shrewd businessman, be it the field of real-estate or ecommerce or anywhere else.”

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