How Mike Cruz Is Making His Mark in the Crypro and Web3 Space

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Although the Covid-19 pandemic has dealt a significant blow to the financial world, it’s undoubtedly been a blessing in disguise for some. The crypto world is one of the few sectors that have witnessed a boom during the period. With the global markets witnessing a recession due to the massive lockdowns and restrictions of movement, many entrepreneurs and investors have focused on the online space in search of viable opportunities. This has led to increased attention and interest in cryptocurrencies, which have proved to be the future of the financial sector.

Mike Cruz is one of the many entrepreneurs and investors who has leveraged the opportunities crypto provides to establish a thriving career. He is a renowned NFT developer and the creator of the Knights NFTproject, the first community he developed alongside his great friends and co-founders. Knights NFT is a uniquely developed, one-of-a-kind project that is revolutionizing space. He is also the developer of, a rare NFT platform project that he created with his friend Steven Reyes. Mike also shares vast expertise and experience in the transformative Web3 technology that is reshaping the trade of digital collectibles.

Mike found his way into the crypto world during the pandemic. At the time, he was working from home and had full access to his computer. His interest and curiosity to learn more about digital currencies led him to discover NFTs. With a desire to learn more and fully understand it, Mike was quick to master the dynamics of the crypto market. In a few months, the ambitious entrepreneur had begun his journey to develop his own Ethereum mining rigs for local clients.

This deepened his ties with the Web3 world, allowing him to meet some great individuals in the space. In April 2021, Mike made a bold move to leave his job and become a fully self-employed entrepreneur exploiting his chances in the cryptocurrency world.

“I dedicated all my time to learning and experiencing the Web3 community. I was fortunate enough to meet some amazing people along my journey. I decided to fly out to Vegas to meet a potential business partner just as I was running out of money. I was rolling the dice, risking my last penny for this opportunity,” says Mike

Though it was a risky move, Mike terms it one of the best decisions he has ever made. His hard work and dedication paid off, as he quickly secured his first Web3 job in October 2021 as an advisor offering guidance and consultancy services to project owners. This opened many doors for the ambitious Mike, paving the way to start his brand in partnership with Steven Reyes and Caleb Roberts.

“At this point, Steven and I had been working with each other for several months. We had great synergy. We kickstarted our NFT rarity platform ( and launched our very own Web3 agency in March 2022. I went from working a 9–5 to clearing 6 figures in sales with a side hobby, quitting my job, and pursuing my passion of building full time,” Mike explains.

Mike now envisions himself growing in the space and becoming a household name. His goal is to grow and onboard new people into the Web3 space while spreading transparency across the industry. The dream is to grow his into one of the largest and most trusted Web3 marketing and consulting firms. This includes collaborating with projects, other agencies, and individuals to teach and positively impact the space.

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