How Metagoons, a Web3 Network Incubator Founded by Wizz, Is Disrupting the Metaverse wave

MetaGoons is a Web3 network incubator steering in the subsequent trend of Metaverse explorers who seek to grow enthusiastic communities internationally. It was founded by Wizz, Jacky Yang, and Donell Wright. The team’s key objective was to create a new gaming model that mesmerizes and absorbs international fan bases. They created an aspirational brand that taps into “culture”, intending to leverage the power of music, art, and entertainment as common denominators that connect and elevate everyone. MetaGoons is passionate about turning over the status quo, quickening the adoption of Web3 tools, and groundbreaking the Metaverse with a band of like-minded ‘Goons’ journeying into this daring, fresh empire.

MetaGoons announced a $2 million seed round completion and revealed to have joined hands with Team Pacquiao GG, a legendary boxer and Philippines Senator Manny Pacquiao’s sports team. Team Pacquiao GG will be its exclusive Metaverse gaming partner. The team is all about gaming, sports, lifestyle, and content brand of globally distinguished, eight-division champion boxer, humanitarian, and Philippines senator, Manny Pacquiao.

Furthermore, Team Pacquiao GG is positioned around community, competition, and charity, thus making it a purpose-focused sports association seeking special promotions and supporting homegrown Filipino gaming talent around the globe through grassroots and professional tournament series, pro-rosters, content creation, and charitable activities. It is a joint venture between Manny Pacquiao and the Veloce Group.

Metagoons are determined to be the first all-inclusive, upright incorporated Metaverse gaming, entertainment, venture, and development organization, therefore igniting the imaginations of key partners from all corners of the Web3 world. They have received investments from marquee and intentional organizations, grassroots cryptocurrency natives, and angel investors from over 11 countries, including lead investor Flying Falcon, Arrington Capital, Hof Capital, and LD Capital.

It’s impressive how the MetaGoons build on the old-fashioned organization model. It’s a cultural movement bridging the gap between crypto native and mainstream adoption by providing a platform bringing the best IRL to the Metaverse in a way never seen before. The Web3 rebranded in December and received considerable attention from the arts, music, and entertainment communities. The rebranding was publicized at Miami’s NFT BZL and proved the power of the group’s cultural force and the massive potential of capturing non-crypto and gaming audiences.

Affiliating with Team Pacquiao GG bonds on a more critical level for the MetaGoons. It gave their name significant recognition and provided its community access to Team Pacquiao GG. The two firms will team up on content and charity initiatives alongside developing and launching a Team Pacquiao GG x MetaGoons non-profit Axie Infinity scholarship program.

MetaGoons has noted a substantial evolution, and the steering team has visualized a future with immeasurable opportunities. It is believed that their distinctive, outside-the-box tactic has set them apart from customary players in the space and will continue with their mission to create a culture-defining paradigm that sets the Metaverse ablaze and captures global fan bases. The company is realistic, has seen immense growth, and its community is here to play a transformative part in play-to-earn adoption and hasten the groundbreaking measure that is Web3.

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