How Meta Labs Agency is Helping Brands Unlock the Power of Web 3

The newest innovation of the digital age, non-fungible tokens – “NFTs” for short – have become a must-have asset in the portfolios of the web savvy. With $17 billion in NFT transactions conducted throughout 2021 alone, experts anticipate that the NFT market will reach a $13.6 billion valuation by the year 2027.

Global excitement over NFTs is continuing to grow. Many brands are feeling the pressure to adapt or risk being left behind. They see the power behind blockchain and the metaverse but lack the experience, skills, and knowledge to do it right. It’s no simple task to build, launch, and grow a successful NFT project and not doing it correctly can be costly.

One of the most common reasons why most NFT projects fail is because of a lack of unique utility and mint strategy. It’s not enough to just have pretty art or an open checkbook, which is why many NFT ventures from even big brands have flopped.

That’s where Meta Labs Agency comes in. They are the industry’s first vertically aligned Web 3 agency to do it all.

While other agencies may offer à la carte assistance with either the design or development, Meta Labs Agency’s vertically-integrated operations offer the first and only end-to-end Web 3 solution. Their team will guide you through each step of the process from ideation to launch, development to deployment.

Every client is taken through the AUCM method – Avatar, Unique Utility, Community, Mint Strategy. They’ll help with conceptualizing the art and brand, utility, growing your online following, and the best ways to go to market.

This method provides business owners with a step-by-step process to launching an NFT with real meaning and value behind it.

The chance to own rights to digital art has brought growing attention to the NFT space. Since 2020, the number of NFT buyers has grown 2,962% from 75,144 to over 2.3 million.

This has opened new doors for brands to interact, engage and grow their communities like never before – three important pieces of any marketing strategy.

NFTs are empowering brands to scale their impact while offering new experiences for their loyal followers. The smart brands will learn to capitalize on this technology before their competition.

However, the space is still new. So where does one even start?

Whether you already have your art generated or need help, Meta Labs Agency has an in-house team of creatives, designers, and artists with web 3 experience. They’ll help ensure your NFT launch aligns with your brand image, voice, and personality.

Their team is equipped with over 10+ years of experience in the Web 3 world. They have mint access to 10+ blockchain networks and a deep understanding of smart contracts and how to optimize gas fees.

What really makes Meta Labs Agency special is its focus on unique utility and providing value back to the holder.

“One of the things we identified was the use of proceeds and making sure the proceeds from mint were going to be deployed in a way that was going to benefit the community,” says Travis Bott, CEO of Meta Labs Agency.

They’ll even spearhead your marketing promotions and sell-through to make sure your project generates awareness, attention and traffic.

Their partnerships give your brand access to powerful sell-through secret weapons – such as NY billboards, celebrity and influencer promos, social growth, and article and page verifications.

Meta Labs Agency’s most recent project Meta Bounty Hunters went from ideation, design, development to deployment in 2 months. All 8,888 NFTs were sold, $2.5 million in revenue was generated within the first 30 minutes of public sale and $17.5 million in revenue generated.

While the NFT market took a massive dip in recent months, Meta Bounty Hunters was one of the very few projects to have its floor price rise. Meta Labs Agency has proven to understand how to build NFT projects that last.

If you’re a business owner wanting to adopt an NFT strategy, reach out to Meta Labs Agency on their website and tell them more about your project.

If you’re interested in being a part of their NFT drop and getting access to all the exclusive benefits, visit

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