How Meditation Helps David Kasteler Stay Calm

Tech Entrepreneur David Kasteler started his first business when he was 12. The uniqueness of the entrepreneurial world captured his imagination then, and he has never looked back.

Over the years, Kasteler has founded and sold four businesses. His work has created offices in a dozen countries, millions in revenue, and the largest book donation source for Books for Africa. One of his projects was an international sourcing company that grew to over 600 employees in less than 24 months. Each company was boot-strapped, which means Kasteler knows how to manage a busy schedule.

Kasteler is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Element United, leading a blockchain revolution for digital gold and precious element assets.

When things start to feel out of control, Kasteler always turns to meditation.

Finding Balance with a Busy Schedule Leads to Successful Outcomes

Meditation creates a clear perspective of life. For Kasteler, it allows him to see his own boundaries and patterns to be able to determine if they are healthy or not.

“Since the pandemic, life feels like it is racing at supersonic speeds. When everything feels like it might spiral out of control, I know it’s imperative that I get my mind out of the rat race and back on track,” says Kasteler. He teaches that this essential process of putting your mind back on the right track begins when you consciously decide to incorporate a meditation practice, like yoga, into your busy schedule.

According to Kasteler, it only takes ten to 20 minutes of early morning meditation to help you find that work-life balance before starting your day. Kasteler finds this investment delivers a heightened focus on the day’s needs while generating whole-mind serenity.

He uses meditation to create a structure for his day that lets him stick with a positive mindset. Although it might feel like you’re spending time on something that isn’t as productive, Kasteler says it is important to think of this process as an investment.

“You’re putting in up to 20 minutes of meditation to get three to seven times more back in improved concentration and productivity. When you can stick to that plan and see immediate results, it is much easier to stay calm while those around you react to the multiple inevitable  stressors.”

How Does Meditation Help with Time Management?

Kasteler notes five specific positive outcomes that are possible when meditation is part of your daily routine.

  1. Your mind stays present instead of trying to worry about the future or over-analyzing the past. Instead of staying focused on distractions, you can stay in the area of action and be productive.
  2. You increase in awareness and skill application, which means fewer mistakes happen during the day.
  3. You feel more energetic, even if you haven’t gotten as much sleep as you should have the night before. Meditation shifts the mind’s perspective to focus on enthusiasm and energy.
  4. It makes it easier to tap into your creative centers. Your intuition grows stronger, allowing your decision-making process to become more reliable.
  5. Your work becomes more efficient, which allows the mind to stay focused and remain calm.

A lifestyle incorporating meditation and entrepreneurship has led Kasteler to gross over $100 million, speak four languages, and help people reach their highest potential. By encouraging others to invest a little in their daily actions and choices now, his goal is to help them achieve long-term fulfillment.

You can catch up with David on Twitter by following @DKasteler.

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