How Luis Milan and Mac Ismail are Disrupting the Automation Industry

Luis Milan and Mac Ismail are two successful tech and eCommerce entrepreneurs. They joined forces alongside Jonathan Maxim to establish PushAMZ, a leading full-service Amazon seller store management company. They created PushAMZ to help eCommerce entrepreneurs create stores, build listings, manage suppliers, streamline returns, account for risk factors, and determine how best to answer customer questions.  Since the establishment of PushAMZ, Luis and Mac have helped thousands of entrepreneurs become profitable traders leveraging the company’s unmatched programs.

Both Luis and Mac started from scratch with no silver spoon, but have risen to build an 8-figure revenue business in just over a year. The two have led teams of 50 tech employees as executives in a large organization. Today, they lead a team of over 100 employees worldwide and generate passive income for 120 investors.

Mac Ismail and Luis Millan also share a vast involvement in the eCommerce space with numerous years of experience to their names. They’ve both worked on over 150 e-commerce campaigns and are currently market leaders in Amazon and Walmart automation. These passive income-generating mechanisms are a modern-day business investment model that helps outperform all traditional investments.

These returns are usually only seen in risky angel investment opportunities that carry high risk and hold cash. With PushAMZ’s e-commerce management model, invested cash is released every month. The most exciting aspect of the mechanism is that PushAMZ’s pay is performance-based, such that the company only makes money when you do.

Aside from PushAMZ, Luis and Mac also enjoy vibrant careers in the business world. Mac is a serial entrepreneur with numerous businesses, including working for government agencies, procurement, and international logistics. He has also worked on infrastructure development and contract management for some of the largest global brands in Australia, Dubai, the UK, Africa, and the United States.

Luis is a seasoned chief operating officer with extensive technology, IT, and high-level operational management experience. He is a high-level entrepreneur who has mastered the art of having the right personnel and technology at the right time and for the right tasks. His business expertise and industry contributions have earned him recognition from various industry players, including a feature on Forbes and the International Business Times.

Co-founding PushAMZ was one of their significant achievements in changing the industry for the better. They have helped entrepreneurs become sellers on Amazon and impacted positive change in the eCommerce space.

Luis and Mac are currently working to see their account management services at PushAMZ grow and expand into having an international customer base. Their focus lies on adopting new cutting-edge technology utilizations that will help them better services. As a company, the duo is also looking to leverage the outlier and “long-tail” e-commerce networks to diversify their client portfolios and increase the size of the overall network.

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