When you consume THC, the effects may wear off after just half an hour, or you may feel high for as long as several hours; but THC sticks in your system well after you stop feeling it. So, how long does weed stay in your system?

This is a question with many answers depending on several factors, all of which we’ll address to help you determine the estimated detection time for your specific situation. 

How Long Does it Take to Feel Effects of THC?

The amount of time before THC takes effect depends primarily on how you’re consuming the THC and your metabolism. 

When you smoke marijuana flower or cannabis concentrate through a vape pen, the effects will come to be in just a few minutes. The high can manifest so quickly when you smoke because the THC goes straight to your lungs and into your bloodstream

Dabbing, however, beats the time of smoking flower and vaping. You’ll feel the effects of dabbing almost instantly due to the extreme concentration of THC. 

Edibles are the slowest method of consuming THC because they’re metabolized like food; they have to be broken down in your stomach before the THC can enter your bloodstream. 

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System 2

Weed stays in different testable parts of your system for varying amounts of time. We have broken down the detection times based on common drug testing types.

Urine Testing

THC will be detectable in urine for a week on average, but your detection time could be anywhere from a few days to a month, depending on other factors.

Blood Testing

Weed doesn’t stay in the average person’s blood for too long; the detection time is typically only a day if that. But, the maximum detection time is two weeks. 

Saliva Testing

Saliva is another type of drug test with a relatively short detection time. The standard is about three days, with a maximum detection time of about one week. 

Hair Follicle Testing

Hair follicles have an unfortunately long and unwavering detection time of ninety days. 

Factors Influencing Detection Time 

The timeframes for most drug test types come in ranges rather than fixed answers because they depend on personal factors.

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System 3

Weight and BMI 

The higher your weight and BMI, the longer THC will stay in your system. This is because toxins stick and build up in fatty tissue.

Further, your weight and BMI are directly linked to your metabolism. A low BMI means you can metabolize substances more quickly, allowing for a shorter detection time. 

Unfortunately, this also means age and gender play a role in your detection time; a slower metabolism typically comes with aging, and women tend to have higher BMIs than men. 

Dosage and Frequency

Not all cannabis products are built the same. Some have a much higher concentration of THC than others. That concentration level, along with how often you consume cannabis products, will affect how long THC will stay in your system.

If you don’t consume much THC, your body will have an easier time breaking it down. But, if you frequently consume THC, it is likely to build up and become more difficult for your system to expel.

How to Pass a Drug Test for THC

The most important thing you can do to prepare for a THC drug test is to stop using cannabis immediately. No matter the detox method, it can only work if you take that crucial step.


Detoxing naturally is great, but it should only be done if you have the time; it can take about a month. If you’re detoxing without a deadline, this is the most ideal option.

When you stop consuming cannabis, your body will take that opportunity to start breaking down all of the toxins that have been stuck in your system for however long. 

But, THC can’t be the only thing you stop consuming; you must stop consuming all toxins during this time. Some toxins you may need to make a conscious effort to cut out include caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and chemicals found in processed food.

You don’t necessarily need to do anything besides ceasing consumption of toxins, but some practices are strongly advised. Staying hydrated will make a world of difference in the ease of your detox, as will keeping a clean diet free of irritating and/or heavy ingredients.

You can aid your metabolism by exercising frequently, but make sure to allow your body the rest it needs through the grueling detox process.

Detox Programs

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Detox programs are curated kits that can be used when you don’t have enough time to detox naturally but still want to achieve a permanent cleanse. 

A quality detox kit should include all the supplements you need for the duration of your detox, along with other supportive tools such as customer service and meal planning assistance.  

You must cease consuming all toxins and follow the kit’s instructions for these programs to work.

Detox Drinks

A detox drink is your best option if you only have one day to detox. No permanent cleansing option can be completed in just one day, so you’ll have to settle for a temporary cleanse. 

Detox drinks will flush out only the surface toxins, but that is all a drug test can detect anyway, so you will still be able to pass just like you would with a permanent cleanse.

With detox drinks only being temporary, you’ll need your timing to be just right. You will be cleansed in about an hour to an hour and a half, giving you a window for successful drug testing. But the rest of your toxins will start to surface in about six hours, so you will not be permanently detoxed.

A same-day cleanse, much like permanent cleansing options, requires you to stop consumption immediately and don’t begin again until you pass your drug test. 

You will need to read instructions carefully as there is no room for error on such a short timeline. Expect to be required to drink a set amount of water and be careful what you eat. 

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The Takeaway 

We can’t tell you exactly how long cannabis will stay in any person’s body because that timeframe depends on too many factors. Knowing the general timeframes for each type of drug test, along with the different factors that will keep weed in your system longer, will give you an idea of how long weed will stay in your system.

If you need to detox faster than you would be able to naturally, you can permanently cleanse in either ten days or five days with a detox kit or temporarily cleanse in one day using a detox drink. Use trusted brand PassYourTest.com for all your detox needs no matter your timeline or toxicity level.

You can further shorten your cleansing time by staying hydrated, eating clean, and generally taking care of your body.

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