How LLL Event Furnishings & Rentals CEO Neil Mirchandani Launched His Luxurious Rental Empire

It’s a given that everyone from TV producers to high-end wedding planners and music video teams need to rent a huge range of items to dress sets, create atmosphere, and produce fabulous backdrops. But have you ever thought about who rents those items to them? And how they got into the industry? On the East Coast, it’s nearly always Neil Mirchandani, Founder and CEO of Atlanta-based LLL Event Furnishings & Rentals (LLL).

“It’s an unusual industry, but one that I wouldn’t trade for any other. The excitement, the fast turnarounds, the late nights creating the perfect bespoke item that my staff and I later catch glimpses of on TV, in movies, and in music videos — it’s really exhilarating,” he said.

The story of how he fell into such a niche industry is part luck, part timing, and a whole lot of intelligent business moves.

Teenage Businessman

The Atlanta-based entrepreneur was raised in Chicago and always knew he was bound for business and leadership. He had his first job — DJing weddings and special events — at only 15 years old and has been on an upward trajectory ever since.

Today, LLL Event Furnishing & Rentals is the top-rated go-to furnishings provider in the entire Southeastern US, and you’ve likely seen their hard work in action on TV, most recently, they created the sets for Netflix’s Love is Blind.

They also decorate clubs for album release parties and videos, furnish sporting event venues, and much more. After 11 years in the industry, Mirchandani’s company produced over $11 million in revenue this year.

Making Moves Toward Success

Even as a 15-year-old DJ, the people around him recognized that he was sharp and capable. So much so that he was asked by one of his customers if they could rent lighting from him in addition to his DJ services.

While most teens would turn beet red and mumble a quick “no, sorry,” Mirchandani was not your standard teenager. He couldn’t yet drive a car, but he took the initiative to launch a business when he decided to say “yes” to the client, bought the requested items, and rented the lighting to the customer.

Soon after, other customers asked him if he could supply furniture for a special event. These were larger purchases, but the entrepreneur had a feeling it was the right move. He found the funds to buy two sofas and proceeded to rent them to his customer.

It was these quick responses to the needs of the market that led to him developing what is today the largest event-furnishing company in the Southeast. They rent everything from furniture to dance floors and from drapery to red carpets for corporate events, film productions, weddings, social events, celebrity galas, political events, and more.

Buzzing Atmosphere

LLL Event Furnishing & Rentals is housed in a 70,000-square-foot warehouse in Atlanta and has a team of 35 employees who often work crazy hours on exciting projects from Hollywood and beyond.

“It’s a fast-paced environment, and things can get a little crazy around the warehouse, but we get it done in a timely manner and where it needs to go,” explained Mirchandani. “Basically, everything has to be done overnight in this business,” he said, explaining the details of late-night deliveries, early morning start times, and urgent late-night searches for items needed by movie directors, celeb event planners, and more.

Thankfully, Mirchandani subscribes to the mantra that “cool heads prevail” and manages to stay calm — and keep his team calm — no matter what the circumstances.

His fast-paced leadership keeps things running smoothly. “Don’t panic in front of your staff. Energy is contagious. As an operator, you have to stay calm and de-stress those around you. Keep your cool whether the building is burning down, COVID-19 hits, or you just don’t know what to do,” he said. “I’d never go to our warehouse crew and say ‘Oh my God, we have to get this done now!’ frantically,’ I know that will only make things worse.”

Mirchandani’s founder’s story is an inspiring case study of a business begun early in life by someone that trusted their gut and followed their instincts to success.

About Neil Mirchandani

Neil Mirchandani is the founder and CEO of LLL Event Furnishings & Rentals, an Atlanta-based multi-million dollar event rental, furniture, drapery and dance floor provider. The company is the #1 furnishing provider for film sets, music videos, sporting, corporate and other events in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information about the Southeast’s largest selection of quality lounge furniture, fit for all social and corporate events, please visit:

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