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All who are friends of Kyle Dendy know he has an entrepreneurial instinct he’s never been able to shake. From shining shoes for $2 at age 7 to growing his online education company to 6 figures in only 6 months at age22, people from all around the world are drawn to theyoung speaker from Dallas, TX.

Nationwide Speaking Tours

After he graduated from high school in 2016, Kyle begantraveling the country speaking in schools, churches andorganizations. Because this was all new to him, he hadto learn the speaking industry as he went. Fromnegotiating contracts and travel to calculating how manycopies of his book to bring to an event, his title may havebeenspeaker,” but he was exercising thatentrepreneurial muscle mentioned earlier. As moreopportunities came his way and he documented thejourney on his Instagram and Facebook, countlesspeople asked him how he was doing it. They wanted toknow how they could land speaking gigs too.

At first, Kyle would just get on a phone call with them oroffer some tips via direct messaging, but then he had an idea. In his words, “I was sitting in my room one day, and I had this idea to turn all I was being asked aboutinto an online program people could access on demand. I decided on the name Speaker Secrets.”

Starting from Scratch

In the 1.0 version of the program which launched in September 2019, Kyle sat in the kitchen and recordedhis screen as he showed people the basics of landingspeaking gigs. He showed them how to find decisionmakers and what they should say in order to land gigs at TEDx events, schools, etc. “Admittedly, the first versionof the program was not that sharp,” said Kyle. “The value was there, but the excellence wasn’t where I wanted it to be. I threw it together because I didn’texpect but a small amount of people to join, but as theprogram grew, it became evident that I needed toreshoot the content and make it phenomenal.”

While in his hotel room in St. Louis on a TEDx speakingtrip, he recreated every video to a standard ofexcellence he was proud of. Soon after, the courseexploded. More than 7,000 people have paid to join theprogram from all around the world, and the results havebeen incredible. Especially when it comes to landingTEDx talks, Kyle’s strategy and booking scripts havebeen blowing the minds of his students. Here’s whatsome of them have been saying:

“In less than 2 hours, I got an invite to speak at a TEDxevent.”

“I landed a TEDx talk within 4 hours of doing your course.”

“I landed 6 TEDx events in a matter of days. I actuallybooked the first one within hours of purchasing the course.”

“I booked a TEDx talk on the first day working with the speaker program.”

Automating the Process

Thinking like an entrepreneur, Kyle put systems in placeto get students the best results with the least amount offriction. Even while he sleeps, students can see his adson Instagram or Facebook, purchase the program andget results before Kyle even wakes up. In Kyle’s words, “You can get started on your own, but you need systemsif you want to scale. What may take hours of your dayand half of your energy to do manually, a system orautomation might be able to get the task done in an instant.”

If you’d like to learn more about Kyle and what he does, you can visit him on Instagram @KyleDendy or his website DendyMedia.com.


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