How Kiba Inu Is Revolutionizing the Crypto Space

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As people realize the potential of digital currencies, the crypto market has attracted growing attention from the public. This has led to many new coins and tokens flooding cryptocurrency exchanges with projects, including the likes meme coins, many of which disrupt the crypto world.

While the first meme coin was created to mock the cryptocurrency trend, meme coins have become increasingly popular over the last few months, with more people showing an interest in the industry. However, this has also brought forth some disadvantages in the crypto world, especially with malicious actors seeking to take advantage of vulnerable investors. According to the team of experts behind Kiba Inu,this was one of the things that inspired them to develop their meme coin of the same name. In their words, “We wanted to build a coin that would help restore integrity in the meme world, making it easy for both creators and investors to find their way.”

Kiba Inu offers utility in the meme space by creating a much safer environment for its holders. Kiba Inu is currently held by over 23,500 investors, aptly named the Kiba Krew. They have also partnered with top sports teams and other industries, such as Odisha Football Club, Team Brit Racing, and the European Cricket League, to name a few. This is helping Kiba Inu in their mission, ensuring they build a solid community, and helping them restore integrity in the meme coin space.

Kiba Inu is developing trading tools that give investors an upper hand. Among these, Kiba Inu has leveraged the latest technology to establish KibaSwap, an in-house decentralized exchange (DEX). This offers investors advanced trading metrics, such as limit orders, allowing them to get in a preferred price action rather than only market value.

Despite proudly being a meme coin, Kiba Inu’s unique system also offers utility with programs like honeypot checkers that scan for malicious smart contracts. As the crypto space continues to gain popularity, the risks are also on the rise, as attackers come up with more ways to trick their victims. To combat this, through their platform, Kiba Inu scans and notifies users of malicious activity before they invest.

This aims to help users make better-informed investment decisions and avoid becoming victims of malicious activity that can lead to massive losses. Kiba Inu’s strategy helps to bring positive change to the crypto industry, making the meme coin space better and safer. They have also migrated to V2 to allow developers to change the smart contract to meet the market’s demands (i.e., changing taxes, allocating funds to marketing, initiating a token-burning mechanism, taxing for liquidity pool, etc.).

In the future, the team at Kiba Inu says that their goal is to build a more trustworthy meme space as they develop their KibaSwap, becoming the DEX that retail traders use. Kiba Inu aims to reach the status of “blue chip” memes, such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, completely redefining the crypto marketplace!

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