How Jonathan Lepow, the Co-Founder of Top Tree Agency, is Building a Community Online

The internet has billions of users worldwide, making it the most powerful medium for businesses to reach potential customers. With the steep rise in the number of brands using social media as marketing tools, the platform has become an increasingly competitive space for businesses. This is where digital marketing agencies play a crucial role. Digital marketing agencies leverage creative techniques and marketing strategies to help brands grow their presence on the internet. One of such marketing firms is Top Tree Agency, which goes far and beyond to help brands find the spotlight on social media.

Jonathan Lepow is the co-founder of Top Tree Agency, guiding the company to its success in the digital realm. He is also one of the early investors in the crypto and NFT space, the recent disruptors in the digital currency market. Jonathan Lepow is an active advocate of medical cannabis. He is leveraging his digital presence to help break all conventional beliefs associated with the use of cannabis. Mr Lepow wants people to know that medical cannabis can be highly beneficial for those suffering certain conditions causing pain and stress.

As the brain behind Top Tree Agency, Lepow continues to help businesses reach a highly targeted audience through social media. The agency focuses on creative strategies to tailor marketing solutions for brands that boost engagement on their social accounts and expand their online presence. The company has conducted active social media marketing campaigns for businesses across several sectors, focusing on the cannabis industry.

Top Tree Agency has created viral cannabis-focused content to raise awareness about the use of this medicinal plant. The agency has helped several cannabis brands find growth through social media marketing. The content throws the spotlight on the increasing acceptance of cannabis as medicine and how its usage is changing lives worldwide every day. Interestingly, most of the content on Top Tree borders around Hemp, CBD, etc.

Over a period, Mr Lepow has amassed a huge follower base on social media for his creative content that reorients age-old public perception. This is the online community of people who support the use of cannabis. Mr Lepow believes that this community continues to grow stronger every passing day. Through active engagement with this community, Mr Lepow has to a reasonable extent, successfully broken stigmas and myths that have been associated with the use of cannabis.

Establishing a cannabis-focused digital marketing firm and scaling it regardless of social taboos has not been easy for Mr Lepow. As expected, no great feat comes easy; Mr Lepow has had his fair share of these challenges and is unwavering in his resolve to overcome more to ensure his message is heard far and wide. From banking issues to legal hurdles and even social media filter limitations, Mr Lepow has been through all and still going strong.

Top Tree Agency and the Top Tree community have been the biggest tools for Jonathan Lepow to spread awareness about medical cannabis and help cannabis brands grow. He hopes to continue his mission by introducing more innovative and creative marketing strategies in the coming years.

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