How Jason Hsu Is Changing the Crypto/NFT Marketplaces

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The Crypto and NFT markets have witnessed significant growth in the last few months. With the recent and increasing popularity of these markets, we have seen more and more people show an interest in the crypto/NFT spaces, with some even investing in them. But unfortunately, not all joining the field have become winners.

Both the NFT and crypto markets are highly volatile and complex fields. This makes it hard for the public to find their way in the industry and maximize profits. As it is still a relatively new field with different regulations, various projects are also being stonewalled by regulations because big traditional players have not caught up. This is the main reason that drove Jason Hsu to start his movement.

Jason Hsu, a top content creator and educator, wanted to change how people perceive the crypto/NFT industries and make it easier for others to find their way. He has built an online platform, 2blockchainz,where he is shedding more light on the crypto/NFT industries while educating both sides for the goal of mass adoption.

Jason is breaking the complex tech jargon into more straightforward and easy-to-understand terms and sharing what he has learned in his journey to the top. He has been in the crypto space since 2014. During this time, he learned numerous things about blockchain technology and the crypto marketplace. He also made countless mistakes that he is now helping others avoid.

Jason is making the journey easier and encouraging other investors/traders as he shows everyone that it is possible to make it in the crypto/NFT spaces. He is also helping creators launch their projects by closing the existing gap in the industry.

“Blockchain is still a new term, and many traditional players like banks and government organizations are yet to catch up,” says Jason. This slows down mass adoption and closes the door on some opportunities, something Jason Hsu aims to correct. He is standing in between and helping to educate both sides as he supports those in the industry to become more successful.

Jason built Bincentive’s user base from the ground up. Bincentive is an advanced auto-trading platform that offers trading bots, lowered barriers to entry to crypto hedge funds, fixed-income products, and CeFi/DeFi services. He has also worked on several other projects, including KryptoGO, where he was one of the cofounders (before exiting the company), and Alpaca.

Jason is currently in charge of crypto growth at Alpaca, a Series B startup backed by Y Combinator that offers crypto + stock trading API. Having worked with both B2B and B2C, he is leveraging his experience in both fields to accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain technology and help project developers and traders.

Jason is building a solid community of crypto and NFT enthusiasts as he shares his knowledge with the rest of the world. His efforts in the industry have also not gone unnoticed, as he has received recognition from top brands. Jason was honored to present KryptoGO’s KYC/AML solution at CES 2020 in front of tech giants.

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