How Influencers Buy Instagram Followers (2021)

If you haven’t been living in a cave for the last 15-years, you would have seen the influence of an Instagram celebrity.

When using Instagram for a few years, you’ll know how difficult it is to get more Instagram followers while watching influencers grow their account following rapidly with ease.

The rise of Instagram influencers has led to many ordinary lives being changed forever, both in popularity and becoming multi-millionaires.

With celebrities like Kim Kardashian charging brands between $300,000 to $500,000 per post – it’s no wonder everyone wants to become the next big celebrity influencer.

Brands are turning away from traditional promotions and rely on influencers to promote their brand.

But you can’t be an Instagram celebrity if you don’t have a large following. The most effective way influencers grow their Instagram followers is by purchasing them, leading to a more substantial fanbase backing them.

Want to know more about how influencers grow their account following by purchasing followers? Read on!

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Influencer’s best choice to Buying Instagram Followers:

In 2021, an independent study asked over 200 American influencers based in the US:

a) Have you previously purchased Instagram followers?

b) If you have purchased them, what was your experience?

c) If your Instagram growth was beneficial, which company would you rank the best?

82% of the influencers chose a specific growth platform: Superviral, as the best website to buy Instagram followers.

A little bit of research, Superviral has been recommended by Forbes, Express and established since 2012. The influencers noted that what sets apart Superviral from the other companies is that they deliver real and active followers with the most benefits.

What also sets apart Superviral is that they’re the safest for growing your Instagram followers – they achieve this by not violating Instagram’s terms. It’s no wonder influencers choose Superviral as the safest option, as some of these influencers specified that their accounts have over 200k followers. No IG user or influencer would want that to go down the drain.

Influencers value growing their followers above all else. So if you’re looking to acquire more Instagram followers, using Superviral’s service was chosen best by influencers.

Spending as little as $2 (very cheap!) can easily grow your following quicker, which would have taken months to do. Of course for influencers who have 1000s of followers would opt for a higher package. But this still gives you a headstart in the niche and area your Instagram page specializes in. If you’re looking to gain more traction on your posts, then you can also buy Instagram likes from Superviral.

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What do influencers look for when buying followers?

Influencers are very selective when it comes to choosing the most reputable service for Instagram followers. In particular, they focus on the following:

1. Safety: When entering your card details to purchase your Instagram growth, you want to ensure that the payment you’re making is via a secure connection. A simple trick to check this is through your browser. On the top address bar, you should see a lock icon as proof that the website you’re making a payment to is safe via a secure connection.

2. Follower drop guarantee: Once you’ve completed your purchase, you want to ensure you retain your followers—this is where a “drop guarantee” or a “retention guarantee” comes into the place. Two different names but mean the same thing. The guarantee provides you with more followers if you lose any.

3. Excellent customer support: This is essential if you’re taking your growth seriously. You want to use a company with a dedicated customer support team or an account manager assigned for you. With an account manager, they can answer any issues you may have around the clock!

4. Reputation: You want a company to grow your followers that prioritizes your needs first. Try checking the company’s registration records to ensure it’s legit. Start by entering the company’s legal name on Better Business Bureau (BBB). Registered LLC companies are fully registered legal entities in the US, and you can trust them more than non-registered companies.

5. Gradual delivery: Gradually or “slowly” acquiring Instagram followers is the name of the game. Influencers don’t look for overnight success. Instead, influencers order in smaller quantities over long periods to seek steady and long-term growth. Every successful person prioritizes the long term over the short.

6. Client success stories: You want to see which company has the best track record. If you’re ordering from a company that provides any type of followers, chances are influencers won’t use them. When a provider boasts about its clients, look out for what type of clients they’ve had in the past. If they brag about influencer clients you’re familiar with, then that’s undoubtedly the company you want to choose.

If you follow these 6-tips that influencers have mentioned, you’ll achieve great Instagram success with ease. Also, ensure that the company you opt for provides optimal and cheap prices. The quality should always be of real followers. Pricing can range from $1 to $40, providing followers from 100 to 5000 for each package.

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Is it safe to buy Instagram followers? 

Buying Instagram followers has never been safer. It’s not just influencers who purchase Instagram followers, but now regular users and big brands want to jump on the Insta-craze!

If you’ve followed through the 6-tips on buying Instagram followers – listed above, then you’re safe and sound. After all, you’ll get real followers that are high quality and authentic.

Since the iOS launch of Instagram back in October 2010, there have been many low-quality services that have promised to give real followers. But, instead, they’ve provided bot-like followers that don’t offer anything new other than a higher count of followers. Fortunately, influencers have trialed and tested these services throughout the years to see the difference between low-quality and high-quality services.

High-quality Instagram services like Superviral, established for nearly 10-years, are the best decision to buy Instagram followers securely. Not only will you organically receive more followers, but they will also react, engage with your amazing content – saving you a lot of money in the long run. Moreover, the service promises to be easy to use and straightforward.

The bottom line

In 2021, it’s easier than ever to buy Instagram safely without putting your account in jeopardy. Always choose real followers over fake bot followers. We hope that you’ve enjoyed this simple guide to getting the best followers. You can spend thousands going to a social media marketing agency that wants to make an extra buck, or you can get your followers simply through a well-established provider and spend your time where it matters: creating valuable content.

After 100K followers, content becomes king and the priority for influencers. Instagram celebrities keep content creation under their control and focus on the primarily.

To summarise, if you want to grow your account without hassle, Superviral is the most trusted Instagram growth platform to buy followers. With a bit of faith and patience, you’ll become the next Instagram craze!

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