How Influencer Pia Theissen is Helping Women Feel Their Best

The 21st century has seen women establishing themselves in male-dominated industries, women have done it all. Nurturing young female minds positively has given rise to many successful women providing mentoring to young entrepreneurs interested in entering the world of business.

One of these smart, resilient, and inspiring personalities is Pia Theissen. She is a licensed occupational therapist, professional model, and aspiring actress. She has established her career with sheer passion and dedication. It has not been easy for Pia to overcome challenges and find success. She decided to become an occupational therapist after graduating from the University of the Landschaftsverband Rheinland (LVR) in Cologne, Germany.

Pia decided that she would not let other people dictate her life and she had to learn to build a better relationship with herself first. Chasing other people’s acceptance and love from others is not the way to live a fulfilling life. She decided she would work on her own dreams and is building an online career as a travel and fitness influencer. She left her life, family, and friends behind in Germany to pursue a career in international modeling. Pia was able to have an interview with one of Columbia’s top modeling agencies. This was the beginning of a new career.

Recently, she was featured on a TikTok video that the Mexican police had posted and it went viral. They had stopped her car and thought she was Lana Rhoades, an adult film actress of some fame. Online viewers were intrigued by her beauty and charisma. But Pia didn’t want that one video to taint her reputation. She has worked diligently to correct the online image others had of her because of this video. Her ultimate goal is to help smart and ambitious women look and feel their best, to be confident in their potential, and be proud of who they are and what they can do. She is currently an online fitness influencer and has a growing audience who appreciate her skills and creativity. She is also working on creating and publishing a diet plan, cookbook, and fitness program called the Pia Plan.

Being an ambitious woman in this world can have its own drawbacks but if you’re good at what you do, success will follow. Pia’s popularity has not been by luck; it has happened due to her smart choices and her hard work perfecting her online persona. This is the kind of confidence Pia has in her upcoming future. Pia has many objectives set for the upcoming years. She plans to grow her business further and work harder towards growing her modeling and influencer career.

Pia is very confident in her abilities and knows that her ambitious goals are attainable and will take her further ahead in life. Personalities like Pia are inspiring for what they have been able to attain in life. A visionary and artist, she is a role model for many new creators and artists around the globe. The way she has been able to tackle each setback and has still managed to never be discouraged is amazing. To learn more about Pia, follow her on Instagram at

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