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Today, culture is often dictated by the influencers and personalities of social media. With so many of today’s culture curators sharing their lives with the world via Instagram TikTok and more, sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming and otherwise disingenuous. Though for one up-and-coming Los Angeles-based influencer, her brand remains rooted in authenticity in all of the content she creates. And with an emphasis on creating relatable content that is additionally uplifting and positive, influencer Kaye Bassey has set herself apart.

Though it wasn’t something she exactly planned to pursue as a career, Kaye established her initial blog in 2014, back when influencing wasn’t quite a career path yet. To her, the blog was a vehicle to share her love for fashion, skincare, beauty and life in general with her online community. And with a culturally diverse background, being Nigerian and having been born in Canada and growing up in various parts of Europe, Kaye’s versatility as a blogger made her all the more relatable and yet unique. After realizing the following and community she had built for herself through her blog and Instagram, she saw it as an opportunity to transition into blogging and influencing full time. Today she has more than 157K followers on Instagram and a growing 139K on the popular platform TikTok. And through the years, she has managed to amass invaluable opportunities, partnering with mega brands like Nordstrom, Pantene, Sephora, Net-A-Porter, Revolve, Thierry Mugler and more.

And while it might sound no different from what other influencers do, to truly understand Kaye’s brand is to watch her content. First and foremost, she is always keen to share her unbiased and honest opinion on products, trends, books, habits and what her latest practices are. And especially after a year like 2020, her priority has been to share positivity and content that is inspiring and encouraging for others to implement the same themes and practices into their own lives. As a result of the pandemic, a lot of her content in the last year has been focused on self-care and self-improvement, urging others to do things for themselves to boost morality and perhaps just to feel a little bit better in these challenging times.

And though she has been recognized for her fashion and sense of style, in sharing her lifestyle, fashion looks, beauty tips and more, Kaye hopes to inspire her followers to curate the life they want. In a world where so many are afraid to live freely and be themselves, she hopes that her content will encourage others to be their authentic selves.

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