How Influencer, Aliou, Helps Young Creators Make Money on Social Media

Social media influencing has become a popular career choice for the younger generation for many reasons. Two of these reasons are money and flexibility. Influencers earn handsomely as creators and through promoting brands. Depending on your following and engagement, you can earn up to $1M per post on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook, especially now that influencer marketing has become increasingly popular among brands. How do you monetize your social media account? Aliou is an influencer from the Netherlands who has been helping other young creators grow and monetize their online brands.

Aliou is a famous creator and influencer from the Netherlands who has made a fortune off social media. Aliou is making his own money as a teenager. He says his goal is to reach $1M before he hits 20. Aliou is also a digital marketer. He is the founder and CEO of NL/US Influencers marketing, a digital marketing agency helping brands and other personalities grow their online visibility and sales.

Aliou is helping young people leverage social media so they start earning from the various platforms. He shares what it takes to build a solid brand as a social media influencer on Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, or even Facebook. Aliou is teaching young creators how to develop proper content strategies that will help them reach the right audience. His marketing company also helps businesses and brands build and maintain their websites.

According to Aliou, finding your niche is the key to becoming a successful influencer. He explains that finding your “signature topic” makes it easier to develop a great content strategy that speaks to your target audience.

As an influencer, your audience is your boss, and your following and engagement are essential. “The numbers on your account will determine your performance and even your rate card,’” says Aliou.

The number of views, likes, shares, and comments affect your performance and are what many brands consider before hiring you as their influencer. “This means that the more the engagement, the higher the rate card and vice versa,” explains Aliou. “But other factors can affect your rates, such as star power, talent, and niche.”

Aliou advises creators to invest in their brands, post more often, and join in on trending hashtags in their niche. He adds the importance of working hard and diversifying your profiles, as it will help you make more money.

Rather than just relying on being a creator, seek other sources of income. You can do direct advertising. You can also start pitching to brands you would like to work with or venture into the affiliate marketing world, where you receive a commission for any purchases your followers make.

There is no doubt that social media influencing is a lucrative career. You get to make lots of money doing something that you love. As it doesn’t require a lot of technical skills and equipment, you can also do content creation as a part-time job. But stealing the limelight is not easy. The creative industry is highly saturated, making it extremely difficult to reach the top. Having walked this path, Aliou is helping macro influencers grow their accounts and revenue by sharing what he has learned. His digital marketing agency provides brands and personalities with the tools to grow their ventures.

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