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When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade― that’s what many say. But Tiffany Rose Dean didn’t just make lemonade. She made lemon cake, lemon pie, and lemon bars as well.

Hollywood Hair Bar (HHB), a Black-owned beauty brand, was founded by Tiffany two years ago. The brand had great sales prior to the pandemic with 500,000 in sales. By 2020 the sales jumped to 20 million in sales and another $6 million since January.

When the entire world was shut down, Tiffany banked in on the opportunity, and voila― $20 million worth of sales in 2020 alone.

That puts Hollywood Hair Bar’s total sales to $26 million dollars, making Tiffany Dean a self-made multimillionaire.

With over 22,000 customer reviews, Hollywood Hair Bar is among the most popular hair care products on the internet. All of its customers are raving about how Tiffany’s hair growth and care products helped them.

Hollywood Hair Bar is dominating various social media platforms as well. In particular, it has over 212,000 followers on Instagram (@HollywoodHairBar) and over 56,000 followers on Facebook (Hollywood Hair Bar). 

On top of that, Hollywood Hair Bar was recognized as a top brand in terms of email marketing with Klavio and SMS with Attentive. It’s also the top Black-owned brand on Snapchat.

While Hollywood Hair Bar is doing so well in the industry, Tiffany Rose said that she’s just getting started.

As of writing, Tiffany is adding skincare products to HHB soon. Tiffany Rose is also about to launch HHB Kids, HHB Men, Hollywood Candle Bar, Hollywood Hair Bar Tiffany Rose Collection (hair extensions), and Hollywood Detox Bar (weight loss).

It doesn’t stop there. Tiffany Rose is also working on some books and a reality show on Youtube that will be pitched to major networks and streaming service providers.

At the end of the day, Tiffany Rose is just like any of us who was handed lemons when the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard. The only difference is she made more way more than lemonade out of it.

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