How Henry Goudreau is Guiding Contractors to Find Success as Part of Joining His Exclusive Golden Hard Hat Mentorship Program

The founder of Contractor Coaching and HG Associates, Henry Goudreau, is a master at his craft. He helps contractors and construction professionals find their way, scale their businesses and become better versions of themselves, both professionally and personally. In fact, he achieves this through his signature ‘Golden Hard Hat’ Mentoring Program.

Having helped hundreds of clients reach an eventual $1 million in revenue, as well as continuing to build a network of clients with a combined net worth of over $10 million, Goudreau is certainly leaving his mark on the industry.

The seasoned contractor and mentor was anointed as ‘America’s top business building resource, coach and mentor’ by Commercial Magazine because he helps clients get down to business, target any weaknesses (and strengths) and helps them get back on track.

The Golden Hard Hat Mentoring Program

The mission for Goudreau and his ‘Golden Hard Hat’ mentoring program is to help contractors and construction professionals eventually earn north of $1 million while finding the freedom to focus on other things rather than just work. All the while, however, their businesses will grow.

Goudreau first sets out to help business owners in the construction industry move beyond the fears and challenges they are facing as a result of self-limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs. He teaches them how to center their businesses, set realistic goals and create a business model that employs success, across the board.

The program, as Goudreau puts it, is “Worth more than the investment price.”

His ‘Golden Hard Hat’ mentoring program is for any contractor or construction professional who may feel crippled by endless hours of work with nothing to show for it, including seven-day workweeks. Those who firmly believe that their businesses can perform better than they are, but are lacking in reaching their full potential. People who want the revenue to go up so that they can live, support and encourage the lifestyles they want and deserve.

That is what his program does, teaches how to align one’s business with the needs and goals they are striving for, while building a proven business model and finding success.

“My ‘Golden Hard Hat’ mentoring program is for anyone who may feel trapped or crippled in the construction business,” said Goudreau. “My mentoring program helps business owners who may feel overwhelmed by putting in endless hours, those who feel like their businesses could be performing better and, obviously, those who want to see their revenue skyrocket.”

Required Reading

Alongside his mentoring program, he has also written many books, including the free ebook, The Street Smart Contractor, where he guides contractors on ditching the long hours, unsuccessful marketing initiatives and how to ultimately find more financial freedom.

The book works in nearly direct correlation with his ‘Golden Hard Hat’ Mentoring program. It emphasizes the importance of ‘escaping the long hours and building a construction business that gives you the financial freedom and lifestyle you want and deserve’.

Additionally, the book is free in registering for Goudreau’s newsletter. The 46-page book spans over eight chapters, touching on ‘trading time for money’, ‘evaluating one’s business’, ‘business metrics’, and ‘getting your life back’. He also offers the four cornerstones needed to take your business to the next level, five ways to make a construction business successful, and four costly excuses that are holding you back.

Contractors and construction professionals that are seeking to evaluate their businesses, figure out what works and what is not, as well as assess their capabilities can find comfort in knowing that a seasoned industry expert has their backs in Goudreau.

About Henry Goudreau

Henry Goudreau is the Founder of HG Associates and Golden Hard Hat Mentoring Program. Goudreau has mentored over 100 clients to 10x their businesses. To find out more about his weekly mentoring calls, please visit

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