Online gaming is not a new thing, but these days the esports industry is bigger and more popular than ever. Hannah “Bispen” Geensburg is a professional esports athlete who is rocking the world of online gaming.

At just 17 years old, Bispen is a top streamer on both Twitch and YouTube, and a role model to other women gamers. She recalls that even as a kid, she always wanted to become a YouTuber, and eventually she started making gaming videos for the site based around her playing Minecraft. Today, her channel has over 250,000 subscribers and counting.

Just like any other profession, being an esports athlete has its challenges; Bispen says the biggest challenge in her career was simply fitting in. As she noted on her Twitter account the girlfriend videos can last longer than the actual fight for platforms like Fortnite. Esports is a male-dominated industry, and as such there were not many other women to look up to and provide her with guidance when Bispen was starting out as a streamer. As time went on, however, she learned that success in the esports world was not about fitting in, but about being uniquely herself.

Bispen knows no limits when it comes to gaming. She strives to become a master at any game she plays and has found considerable success in this regard, having won several gaming tournaments already. According to Bispen, winning these gaming tournaments is one of the highlights of her career as a professional gamer, not just for the awards she won but for the recognition she has received for it. In terms of her actual gaming ability, Bispen is known for her use of unique tactics that frequently give her an edge over other players.

When you do something you are passionate about, you give it everything. Bispen notes that being a pro gamer does not mean you’ve never failed at a game. There are plenty of games she has failed to conquer over the years, but her love of gaming keeps her motivated to continue playing.

Bispen says that the biggest secret to a successful esports career is to identify your strengths. She stresses the importance of knowing what you are best at and doing it to the extent of your abilities.

Bispen is a resilient individual and does not let people’s opinions sway her from doing what she wants to do. She notes that there will be times where it feels like it’s pointless to even try but to push through regardless. To succeed, you need to train your mind and spirit to deal with rejection, failure, and discouragement.

Considering how challenging it can be to pursue your passion, Bispen is among the few who are thriving financially while working the job of their dreams. She urges more young people, especially young women and aspiring esports athletes, to be bold enough to pursue what they are passionate about. As she says, if your passion lies in gaming, don’t be afraid to look for a way in, because in the world of esports your age or gender shouldn’t stand in your way. Nothing should!

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