How filmmaker Sheng-Ting, Shen is redefining the film industry

The media and film industry is an ever-growing industry where the competition rate is rapidly increasing with every passing day. Sheng-Ting, Shen is someone who has made a name for herself in this industry in a relatively short span, all due to her immense hard work and talent. Born on 4th September 1993, Sheng-Ting is an acknowledged Taiwanese filmmaker who won many awards and accolades in the past few years for her contribution to the film industry.

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Presently based in New York City, the talented filmmaker has prior experience in scriptwriting, directing, video editing, and producing movies. Besides this, she has also worked as an assistant director in many successful films. Her journey dates back to 2016 when she started as an intern who worked as a camera assistant for a TV station. She spent three years in Taiwan as a producer, videographer and video editor. Finally, in 2019, Sheng-Ting decided to take a step further and arrived in New York to pursue a master’s degree in film from the City College of New York. She worked extremely hard during these three years, leading to multiple opportunities, such as working with New York Fashion Week and Brooklyn Net. Some of her works even found a place on the public Times Square billboards. As an assistant director, she worked with many talented people who won awards at prestigious events such as the Academy Awards, Sundance Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, etc. Sheng-Ting wrote and directed short films such as ‘Bad News’ and ‘I’m not alone, I have a dog,’ which went on to win multiple nominations and awards. Including New York Film Awards, Oregon Short Film Festival, and SHORT to the point film festival, respectively.

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Sheng-Ting has an upcoming short film called ‘The Coolest Club.’ She thought about this movie five years back and jotted down some thoughts on a rough draft. However, it was in New York when she finally wrote the film’s entire script. The film revolves around a video game nerd who strives to achieve the approval of his fellow club members from ‘The Coolest Club.’ As someone who grew up in a strict and traditional Asian household, Sheng-Ting frequently tried to prove her worth to everyone. She finally realized that the will for self-validation is an unending cycle and decided to use this concept in a story.

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