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Building a successful business can be extremely difficult, let alone doing it all before the age of 21. Young Entrepreneur Domenic Scopelliti has created a media empire in his hometown of Adelaide and it all started with photography.

Domenic always had a business mindset, as a kid he would save up his lunch money to buy Pokémon cards. Which helped in creating his first ever business at 10 years old, selling Pokémon cards to the older kids in school. “I kept all the shiny looking cards as an investment for the future, which ended up making me a ton of money this year with the Pokémon boom” said Domenic.

Through high school thanks to help from his Visual Arts teacher, Domenic fell in love with Photography. “I could never draw and thought I would fail the subject, so my teacher gave me a camera”.

After being introduced to photography, Domenic fell in love and found that he was actually pretty good. Domenic took advantage of this skill and began working on what is now a highly profitable business, Visual Domain Adelaide. Domenic started with shooting friends birthday parties for a cheap price, as his name began to grow in the industry, his price grew and so did his team.

Now Visual Domain Adelaide not only shoots events around Adelaide, but takes care of local businesses marketing and online strategies. Domenic and his team work closely with local brands, creating content, advertisements and strategies that turn followers into paying customers.

“Your business won’t succeed if you aren’t in love with every part of it” says the young entrepreneur. Domenic was able to find something he really enjoyed and turned it into a money making machine and he encourages everyone to give it ago.

The young entrepreneur can now enjoy the benefits from all his hard work and enjoy life while he’s still young.

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