How Emmersive Entertainment Is Disrupting the Streaming Industry

In recent years, we have witnessed a revolution in the way people consume music. There has been a transition from discs, USBs, and now widespread streaming. Everybody seems to have turned to digital platforms to stream their favorite music.

Emmersive Entertainment is one of the revolutionary streaming music and art platforms where everyone wins. It is a fan and NFT collector platform for streaming “music only hear™” and street art. Emmersive Entertainment is now the first A-list streaming album NFT and the first-ever streaming movie soundtrack NFT. Its objective is to disrupt the industry with a new streaming platform for music and art tied to the blockchain while making it financially attractive to artists, including their labels, affordable for fans and collectors to own the NFTs, and eco-friendly.

At Emmersive Entertainment, everyone wins, especially the artist who gets paid when they sell the rights to their music or art to others and get paid if someone resells those rights. The cool thing is fans can also listen or view the collection inexpensively, but they can resell and have the chance to make money by buying and selling the NFTs.

Emmersive Entertainment was founded by Flo Rida, “E Smooth” Erik Hicks, and David J Kovacs. The objective was to empower artists by creating powerful new NFTs, giving the artists both exposure and revenue that are attractive.

Dr. Bettis and Lori Trigg served as chair and counsel, respectively, and combined their efforts with E Smooth to build the first A-List NFT music and art streaming platform. The assets were later purchased by Vinco Ventures (BBIG), the Nasdaq Co that owns Zash Media and Lomotiff. EVENT dba Emmersive launched with Tory Lanez’s When it’s Dark album. EVENT is now part of Cryptyde, which is becoming its own Nasdaq company led by Brian McFadden.

Being an industry leader comes with its share of challenges, and Emmersive has had its own. Establishing a new product that involved something that had never been tried before was a challenge in itself. But it also served as a learning experience because of the scope and scale of its endeavors and customer service. In return, Emmersive has responded and taken every customer’s needs seriously, helping develop limited edition NFTs.

Also, being founded by celebrities and vets made it easier for the platform to break into the industry. Additionally, they also pivoted to music and art with low price points rather than high-priced, one-off VR pieces. But it’s also clearly only and all about e-NFT and the platform.

With blockchain technology showing potential to completely revolutionize the art industry, Emmersive Entertainment is keen on leveraging the platform to create a better product for the consumer. They intend to establish a new streaming platform like no other, tied to the blockchain. The aim is to have a one-of-a-kind platform great for the fans or users, collectors, and largely for the artists. Blockchain is arguably the future of tech, and it’s high time other industry players consider investing in tech for the future seriously.




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