How Does Apiens Plan to Accomplish its Objectives

Apiens, a community-based tech startup, focuses primarily on blockchain-integrated clothing. Web3 enthusiasts can buy exclusive NFC and RFID-integrated merchandise from the dedicated Apiens marketplace and earn a commission from merchandise sales. The founders want to build an ecosystem that sells unique outfits. Its ecosystem will have three essential components: BIC, Help3, and Edu3, representing different objectives. According to the founders, they already have a plan to accomplish these objectives one by one.

Phase 1

This was the first of the four phases that the founders had in store. It started with the auction of genesis NFTs that contained 10 exclusive pieces. The auction took place on 27th February. It helped the company raise pre-seed capital for beta-testing, compensating the workforce behind this project, hiring new staff, and marketing. The genesis sale generated as much as 23.1 ETH.

In addition to the genesis sale, the founders also have plans to collaborate with various fashion brands and find a way for members to enjoy exclusive discounts. is the latest company that teamed up with Apiens. It will provide t-shirts to the community members so that the latter can join the community’s Metaverse party.

Phase 2

Commercialization of the NFTs would play a crucial role in making the fashion brand globally trustworthy. Therefore, make sure you remember the following details to enjoy the brand’s products:

  • “Apiens” is the intellectual property of the Apiens LLC team. It has various property rights, such as names, logos, website, images, user interface, 3D layer files, and smart contract code.
  • To become a community member, you need to mint an NFT from Apien’s smart contract. Then, you can hold on to the NFT, trade it, use it as pfp, or buy more merchandise from its store.
  • You wouldn’t be able to mint any type of derivatives, collections, or modified Apiens using its outfit designs. The derivative rights of the brand prevent you from doing so.
  • You can’t use these NFTs with anything related to fraud, hate, abuse, illegal substances, or profanity. You are also responsible for bearing the tax liabilities if you mint or resell the tokens.

Phase 3

This phase starts the product of blockchain integrating clothing (BIC). The founders will soon begin the beta testing of the outfits to figure out how the ecosystem will work.

Phase 4

In this phase, you will come across various digital merchandise. The founders want to keep adding something new to the ecosystem to keep the community members interested. They may come up with 3D walking Apiens with different traits. You will also get a chance to launch Walking Apiens. The respective Apien will tell you its location on Earth and perform various activities.

Overall, Apiens has a comprehensive strategy that may entice Web3 and NFT enthusiasts to give it a go. Even fashionistas want to be a part of this community because of the unique outfits that Apiens would provide and because they can earn a commission from the sale.

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