How Do you Live the Life you want and not the Life you have been Prescribed?

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Dr. Christina Rahm is a mother, artistic scientist, researcher, and humanitarian.  Being noticed by millions as an Influencer in the scientific, wellness, healthcare, and humanitarian communities, she has been able to impact governments and societies all over the world.  BUT that fingerprint will be changing soon and will be opening to the artist communities through the launch of “Under the Red Chandelier,” which will feature numerous artistic adventures and statements.

Having worked for Global Giants in health and wellness such as Pfizer, Jansen/J&J, Biogen Idec, Bristol Myer Squib, UCB Biotech, Alexion, International Science Nutrition Society and Root Wellness, Dr. Christina Rahm has spent her life dedicated to the improvement of education and research in multiple areas of the sciences.  However, one of her true passions has always been the arts.  Having a mother, daughter, and sons in the music industry, Dr. Rahm is a true artist herself.   She grew up singing, painting, playing the piano, strumming the guitar, and blowing into a trumpet.  While she pursued numerous mainstream degrees and certifications from universities such as Cornel and Harvard that included Masters and Doctorate degrees surrounding various areas of the sciences focused on Psychology, Strategic Sciences, Nanotechnology, Nutrition, and Pharmaceutical Development. She also has a Bachelor’s of the Arts from the University of South Alabama. Additionally, due to her passion for the arts, she followed an informal education and investment career as a music publisher and has been featured in newspapers and articles for her interior design techniques, her recipes, and for her paintings.

Dr. Rahm’s significant other, Clayton Thomas, is the owner of Root Wellness which has products in over 65 countries.  He truly believes it is Christina’s arts and music background that has led her to be a “savant” on the science side.  He states, “Christina is not a traditional chemist or biologist, rather she has used her artist brain along with her scientific education to assist her in the development of the many nutraceutical supplement product lines used throughout the world.  She also heavily leaned on her love for her children in wanting to create the best products possible to help the most people.”  Mr. Thomas continues, “It is for these reasons that Root will be sponsoring the Under the Red Chandelier series.”

Due to her influence with governments, major corporations, and healthcare entities, Dr. Rahm has traveled to over 80 countries for work.  During this pursuit, she has documented and researched the Sciences and the Arts in all the countries she has worked in throughout her career.  While dealing with the Pandemic, she worked on a project focused on Emergency Authorization and spent many hours writing patents and formulations that are being utilized by companies like Root Wellness ( to help people worldwide with the eradication of heavy metals and toxins, as well as to assist the body with providing and protecting the community of cells that live inside of each of us.

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She has four books in final edits and 12 books that are in various phases. Her current book, “Cure the Causes,” has been translated into 27 languages and is being read throughout the world.  When asked what the focus of the book is, her response is simply, “To live the life you want, and not the one prescribed by someone else.”  Her mission is, “Emotional, Mental, and Physical Improvement in Global Health and Wellness.”  She has contributed Philanthropically by being the Tennessee co-chair for, “U.N. Women for Peace,” by supporting missions in Ethiopia by providing musical equipment for schools and shelters in Kora, as well as providing supplements and other necessities during the pandemic.

Having worked on the medical science and clinical research side of numerous companies, she was not overly concerned during the Pandemic since she states, “Viruses, parasites, fungus, and bacteria are part of our inner bodies from the day we are born.  We just need to support our bodies inside to fight things that are overwhelming our cellular cities inside our bodies.  This can happen if we eradicate toxins out of the body and support the cells that are inside our bodies.  We must give our cells and organs the tools we need.  I am helping with that through the products I formulated at Root Wellness and other entities throughout the world.”

Dr. Rahm has two new products to release at Root Wellness.  She assisted with formulating “Clean Slate,” “Zero-In,” Restore,” “Natural Barrier Support,” and “Relive Greens,” which are launched throughout the world and approved in countries in North American and Europe, as well as numerous other areas of the world.  Root will launch “Mitochondria Shield Support,” which is made with NAD and Quercetin.    She says these tools will help bring the inner body into equilibrium and strength so they have some of the needed tools to fight any battle that may occur in the future in health. She will also be launching “Give Me Back My Youth,” which is a colostrum and collogen two-fold punch that is aimed to assist the body with wellness and anti-aging.

For the musicians, interior designers, fashion designers, chefs, and artist out there, Dr. Rahm is launching, “Under the Red Chandelier,” this May.  This series will bring to life all her experiences she has encountered and will feature numerous countries, along with hidden gems in the ARTS.  To Follow her, she can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Linked In under Dr. Christina Rahm ( and Cure the Causes.    She recently met with some of the governments in Ethiopia and Cyprus and traveled on a scientific tour to England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Mexico, Greece, and Germany.   She will be traveling throughout the world this summer to continue her mission of wellness and health.

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