How Degenerate Trash Panda Set the Example for the NFT World

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The non-fungible token industry has evolved from digital artistry to real-life utility, combining the best of both worlds. This eventually resulted in the roaring popularity of NFTs leading more and more brands to launch their unique projects. Degenerate Trash Panda is one such unique NFT project that has been designed to create true value for the holders while also offering them an immersive gaming experience on the blockchain platform.

Degenerate Trash Panda, or DTP, recently launched its minting on the blockchain platform. The project introduces a collection of 20K unique 3D pandas available on Solanart and Magic Eden. Each panda is unique and funky looking, which makes them a creation of artistic brilliance. The goal of every Degenerate Trash Panda is to scavenge in the blockchain realm.

Degenerate Trash Pandas are used in immersive 3D games to create a powerful community of users who support each other to grow. These Trash Pandas are living entities on the Solana blockchain and will be introducing more attributes and features as the projects grow. Degenerate Trash Pandas as an innovative NFT project is closely related to one of Solana’s biggest NFT projects, “Degen Ape Academy”. This means anyone who owns a Degen Ape will also get to acquire a Degenerate Trash Panda.

Every holder of unlisted Degen Ape will get access to one Candy Machine Token for every Ape they hold. This token can be redeemed to acquire a Trash Panda. The additional benefits of holding both these NFT characters are that the holder gets to enjoy the combined utility that both projects drive. Owners of Degen Ape can simultaneously get rewards from Trash pandas as well. The accumulation of rewards from these innovative NFT projects will lead to bigger perks for holders.

Trash With Frens is the 3D NFT game that can be played with Degenerate Trash Pandas. Owners of Degen Ape will also have exclusive access to this game. DTP holders will get PANDA tokens that can be used as a medium of exchange inside the Trash With Frens NFT game. This is a game where Pandas and Apes have to scavenge collectible map tiles to find treasures that can be utilized in mini-games.

To ensure a more immersive experience for the users, the team behind Degenerate Trash Panda has added another utility driving feature. The scavenged tiles in Trash With Frens will have explorable buildings where more valuable treasures are hidden. This treasure is waiting to be found by competitive players, and once discovered, they can win rewards. Players or NFT holders will have added advantages of using a combination of Pandas and Apes to locate the treasure while also batting enemies on the way.

The tiles in the game can be combined with other wallets to increase the scavenging power of the 3D characters. The map tiles can be configured and recreated by a user interface. This allows users to regenerate their own NFT map and sell it. Besides the exciting gaming experience of the impressive 3D collection, Degenerate Trash Pandas has a unique bidding system. It follows the Fair Launch Protocol, or FLP, to make the scavenger pandas more accessible to bidders.

With a host of innovative features and true utility driving scopes, Degenerate Trash Pandas is leaving behind most NFTs in creating an authentic community of like-minded NFT enthusiasts. DTP is a refreshing NFT project that will introduce more amazing features for the community while also creating more means of driving profit from the project.

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