How DataMilk and Founder Peter Szalontay is Leading the Way in Leveraging AI to Create Positive Change

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Peter Szalontay, the founder and CEO of DataMilk, is a former member of the product management search team at Google, a tenure that saw him build a 1,000-member team, across three-different continents, to write ads and test creative automation, resulting in an astounding $100 million line of business in just six months!

When opportunity knocked, he capitalized. Having served as a vital member of the artificial intelligence (AI) user experience (UX) team at Google for its search ads, he realized a lucrative opportunity to build something more in DataMilk. In fact, his impressive team at DataMilk consists of former UX experts from companies like Google, Facebook and Mozilla.

“One of the things I was tasked with was increasing the financial efficiency of the user experience at Google doing conversion rate optimization. That is, when you visit a website with a purpose, like to make a purchase, that is a conversion, because it is beneficial to the business and why they want to drive traffic there,” said Szalontay. “One of the ways to boost sales is to raise the level of conversion on the website or the app. The optimization changes the experience and boosts revenue.”

His work at Google set the framework for what would become DataMilk.

“I learned during my time at Google that conversion rate optimization was quite lucrative and that prompted me to want to branch out and launch my own company,” he stated. “The key to our success is leveraging as much data as possible from the user behavior. As a result, you can improve the user experience and simultaneously increase business value too. People are visiting websites and clicking on multiple site points and the website, itself, is ignoring these behaviors.”

The mission at DataMilk is to help clients and brands deliver optimal ecommerce AI UX optimization on the levels comparable to rivaling big tech, like Amazon or TikTok. The company serves as the fastest approach to enterprise ecommerce UX optimization in the space and helps provide the fastest possible solution to improving the UX for businesses.

DataMilk’s integration takes just five minutes, thanks to AI automation, which basically does all the ‘heavy lifting’. The company’s efforts eliminates months of engineering and design efforts and helps clients generate extra profit almost 10x faster than any other company in the industry.

“In a physical store, you can’t just go around and begin rearranging the shelves, but on a digital storefront, you essentially have that capability,” Szalontay said. “We decided to help customers target those capabilities and improve their infrastructure in a way that is actually beneficial to the user, but it requires a lot of data and AI and that is what makes DataMilk so valuable because we can build these things for our customers and make it happen for them.”

The integration process at DataMilk begins performing immediately. In fact, it requires no database integration or re-platforming and zero effort is needed from the client. The company is powered by sophisticated data engineering and ranking models, in conjunction with smart components, which perform A/B tests simultaneously while optimizing the UX across CTR, AOV and revenue streams.

The team at DataMilk knows all too well the challenges that ecommerce companies are facing in regard to conversion rate optimization (CRO).

“I think of technology as tools. People tend to forget that artificial intelligence has been around for a while, but it has really only just recently become a ‘hot topic’ or considered something that we haven’t seen before,” said Szalontay. “We have quite a few technologies that actually have a profound impact on society. Take nuclear power, for instance. It ultimately comes down to human hands and what we decide to do with it. It is up to us to be responsible and safe.”

Artificial intelligence and the way data and processes are being leveraged in its utilization are the keys to success in the digital future. At the forefront of the movement is Szalontay and DataMilk.

“Artificial intelligence is going to change a lot of things, like face recognition and logo generation,” Szalontay said. “AI is going to have a huge impact on numerous creative industries and professions, but that is just merely scratching the surface.”

About DataMilk

DataMilk is an automated UX optimization layer for enterprise e-commerce stores. 5 minutes of engineering work will increase your sales by 6–12%. DataMilk AI analyzes your user behavior patterns, identifies areas for optimization, and launches Smart Components that maximize the profit for every session. For more information on how to join and build the next generation of UX, please visit

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