The 1990’s will go down as an iconic decade. Not just for being the horizon of the digital age, but for the culture, fashion, and makeup trends that are well-remembered to this day. 24-year-old Esma Ilyas has based her fashion lines on the unforgettable looks of these years.

In 2015, Esma, then only 18, co-founded Ivory Ella. This brand features clothing, jewelry, and accessories with a purpose. 10% of the brand’s profits go to organizations such as Save the Elephants, Project Sunshine, and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Nationally distributed in retailers like Target and Lord & Taylor, Ivory Ella has donated more than $2 million to these great causes.

Esma was nowhere close to finished as she started the fashion line CryBaby in 2018. Staying with the successful 90’s vibe, CryBaby engages customer with a real-world tone plus uplifting & motivational posts on the popular Instagram page. Knowing we all go through tough times; CryBaby is named after its mantra: embrace your tears and know it is OK to cry!

This has been a very effective marketing tactic for the brand as it has organically gained over 300,000 Instagram followers since its launch. To further add to the brands personalized touch, it is creating a blog called the CryBaby Community which will feature weekly posts on self-love, self-care, fashion tips, and overall advice.

CryBaby has attracted famous names such as Ariana Grande, Addison Rae, and Madison Beer. The clothing is based off iconic pieces found in the media of the 1990’s such as interviews and TV shows. Certain crop tops and skirts have served as the basis for Esma’s clothing and her customers love it.

CryBaby isn’t just about great clothes, it’s also about great causes. In these difficult times, it is more important than ever to find a supportive community of like-minded people. Esma has provided that, and keeps that community looking great at the same time!

LA Weekly