How Cory Klippsten’s Swan Bitcoin is Changing the Future of Finance

Since its inception, Bitcoin has remained the leading cryptocurrency by any metric that matters. It’s by far the most recognized coin, the most liquid, the most secure, and the most widely adopted. It has proved itself as a money that can be used by anyone to preserve their wealth over time. Cory Klippsten, a renowned investor in Bitcoin, considers it a money for all generations cutting through age, socioeconomic status, religion, race, and ethnicity. Moreover, Klippsten views Bitcoin as a revolutionary technology that is sure to be the future of the finance world.

Cory Klippsten is the founder and CEO of Swan Bitcoin, a top financial player in the Bitcoin space. An established start-up investor, Cory is also the founder of Bitcoiner Ventures and Bitcoin Jobs, two other thriving companies in the Bitcoin space. Cory is also a renowned angel investor in over 40 VC-backed tech companies. His rich resume and experience in Bitcoin rate him as a trusted advisor for public companies like Riot Blockchain. He is also well-positioned to opinion on Bitcoin and how this technology will impact society.

The MBA graduate in Finance from the University of Chicago has been at the helm of Swan Bitcoin since its establishment, guiding it to its current success. Klippsten has been instrumental in transforming the company into a real financial player that has seen explosive growth both domestically and internationally. Swan Bitcoin is the most trusted place to buy Bitcoin, find Bitcoin educational resources, and source events that connect the community of bitcoiners.

Klippsten also plans to continue to expand Swan’s offering of other services and products that will provide institutional and real investors easy access to Bitcoin. The goal is to make Swan Bitcoin synonymous with other household names in the financial industry and for it to be viewed as a leading service provider in the Bitcoin industry.

Klippsten’s dream is to get the next 10 million people on board with Bitcoin and play a role in bringing about a new period of growth and prosperity for the world. He wants to achieve this through a combination of education and concierge-level service. He also wants to help individuals, families, and institutions achieve their financial and retirement goals by saving with Bitcoin.

“I want people to learn how bitcoin will benefit the world and how it will act as a solution to many of the large problems plaguing our financial system and society as a whole,” says Klippsten.

However, Klippsten warns against trusting every other person you meet in the cryptocurrency industry. With the advent of social media, there is a lot of misinformation and scams surrounding cryptocurrencies, therefore, it’s only prudent to do your own research, especially on matters of investments.

“Today, it is vital to find the signal through all the noise, and that’s what I hope to accomplish here. I want to be a resource for people to learn about Bitcoin and feel comfortable knowing that they’re receiving information from someone who has dedicated their life and career to this revolutionary technology,” adds Klippsten.

Klippsten believes the future is certainly digital, and advises others to start learning about the amazing potential of Bitcoin, which today offers a unique investment opportunity that can’t be found anywhere else in the financial markets.

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