How Content Platform Taplio Uses AI & Content Generation to Drive More Business Off of LinkedIn

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The world continues to grow at a rapid pace. For many, this has been a reason for excitement, and even more, people are hopeful about the future. This has ushered quite a number of advancements and opportunities. This development can be attributed to the introduction of Artificial Intelligence. The Internet’s advancement and growth have also positively impacted ways of doing things and ushered in a new era of improved technology on a whole new level.

Given the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, humans have begun embracing its ability to impact the world positively. Taplio is a tool that helps with Linkedin content inspiration by instantly generating content that’s based off of viral posts and trending topics in the users industry. It was launched two months ago and has quickly attracted more than 500 users.

It functions by collecting the latest news on an industry. Taplio then makes this content available for modification. More impressively, the Taplio AI can rewrite an original piece and make it completely unique for use on LinkedIn.

In simple terms, Taplio is a tool that makes a content creator’s life a lot easier. While suggesting and curating content, it also provides a feature that helps you schedule your LinkedIn posts at any given time. This helps users automate content creation.

The team of talented visionaries behind Taplio understands the value of data and analytical reports. As such, they prioritize a good customer experience, and on this note, they have made Tapilo platform extremely simple to monitor your statistics and get thorough insights regarding your content. This data allows you to rapidly grow your LinkedIn profile in accordance with your audience’s choice content.

Alex Berman, one of the founders behind this remarkable user-centric software, has spent years building his personal brand by posting on Youtube, Linkedin and Twitter. This has made him understand the pain points of a creator in the field. He has taught B2B sales and marketing via his YouTube channel for about 6 years. His indelible experience speaks for itself and helps him in creating valuable content.

Given the continued rise in LinkedIn membership, Alex and his partners have decided to take advantage of the ever-growing market and assist users in navigating the platform, while also developing great content.

Alex believes that LinkedIn is pivotal to companies’ expansion, which is why great content is non-negotiable. With the introduction of Taplio, the content creation process has never been easier.

The founders of Tapilo are optimistic despite a few challenges faced, as they remain confident that Tapilo is a game-changer and a threat to major social media marketing agencies. However, given the inherent challenges, the team continues to remain relentless and continues to spread awareness to their target market to make the most out of the smart tool.

Tapilo has been established with the right mindset and, as such, is expected to attract the right attention and conversions for companies and content creators in general. The tool is made to deliver real value to its customers and help them target and relate to their ideal market. With Tapilo, not only do you save time in the form of automating content, but you also drive more business without lifting a finger.

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