How Collective, a Record Company by Jtti and Jack Troia, is Changing Lives

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The journey to building our dream lives is not always easy. There are many inherent obstacles, from financial difficulties and friendship breakups to a lack of opportunities and social rejections, which can affect your mental health. These challenges make it much harder and exhausting to attain the set goals. It gets more challenging when one doesn’t have a strong support system to keep you motivated throughout the journey- Given this challenge, Jtti and his brother Jack Troia started Collective.

Collective is a record label helping artists reach their target audience by providing them with an enabling platform and resources. They also provide the public with the needed support to rebuild their lives and hope again. their goal is to provide emotional and informational support through music to anyone in a difficult situation.

Jtti and Jack have created an online family where people get to share their stories and feel motivated to keep manifesting their dreams. They have so far reached over 1M people. Collective has released several songs, including “Cold World,” “Perspective,” and “I Know” by Jtti, all with great reception. Jtti and Jack say their goal is to reach 100 million people in the coming months.

The label’s approach to music and life has made it possible to reach such a high number in a short period. In addition, Jtti’s experience and authenticity in telling his story have helped the brand reach a larger audience and build trust as more people find their stories relatable.

Jtti recounts his experience with having to fend for himself for most of his teenage years. Growing up Jtti was raised and supported by his mother, but he didn’t have a present father figure to guide and influence him. In search of comfort, Jtti found himself gravitating toward street culture. Jtti felt like he had so many things in common with others on the streets. But this didn’t end so well.

Jtti had a rough childhood. Growing up, Jtti grappled with various hardships, such as being arrested several times, forcing him to reflect on his life and learn his right from wrongs. Around the same time, his family faced financial challenges. This was Jtti’s eye-opener; Jtti realized he didn’t want to continue this way for the rest of his life. So he pivoted and started working on himself. Jtti began learning and practicing meditation and mindfulness; This transformed his mindset and view of life.

He shares his story through Collective as he shows young people from his city and other parts of the world that no one is beyond redemption; “changing your lives and attaining your goals begins within you.” Your background doesn’t have to define who you are and what you can or can’t do.

Jtti comes from a lower-income area in Upstate New York. His childhood was not the best, but he hasn’t let this deter him from building his dream life. Jtti is a programming expert, a renowned hip-hop artist, and the co-founder of Collective. By age 13, Jtti was fluent in various coding languages such as HTML, C#, and C++. Jtti has been featured on multiple billboards in Times Square, NYC, and has received recognition from artists such as Jadakiss, and Ron Suno, among others.

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