How Christopher Mitchell is Helping Thousands of People Become Winners Through His Inner Circle

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The Gambling G.O.A.T. Offering Proven Methods for Success via his Inner Circle and Mastermind Events

Christopher Mitchell has quickly propelled himself to the best professional gambler in the world, earning him the moniker, greatest of all-time (G.O.A.T.). He became a millionaire in just three years and has since introduced mastermind courses and educational programs, as well as a high-performing YouTube channel.

The former network marketing professional became the gambler he is today by chance. While in Vegas at a business conference, he decided to take a run at the casinos and has never stopped. In fact, after losing large sums of money, his gambling career has quickly brought him back to the kind of financial freedom that rivals most high-earning professional athletes.

“I went from being completely broke to making over $100,000 a month and eventually became a millionaire in just three short years,” said Christopher. “People are living paycheck to paycheck and failing at casinos. They enter underfunded and walk out with nothing. I’m here to help them.”

Christopher plans on helping people become the best gamblers they can be and is doing it by way of allowing people to enter his ‘Inner Circle’, as well as attend his mastermind events, which operate every 4-6 weeks and teaches clients how to gamble responsibly and successfully.

His ‘Inner Circle’ has already helped thousands of people make $2,000 a week or more, in some cases without even having to leave their homes while gambling online. Clients who are willing to follow Christopher’s proven methods for success, while paying close attention to the teachings of the gambling expert and coach, can also find the similar success as he has.

Clients who join the ‘Inner Circle’ will learn, firsthand, from the G.O.A.T. himself. In fact, most are realizing their financial dreams in achieving the optimal lifestyles that they’ve always desired. As part of the program, gambling enthusiasts tune in for a one-hour live session, every Sunday, while Christopher gambles, answers questions, and offers tips and strategies.

“I aim to teach my students the necessary skills and adapt the required capabilities to successfully navigate a casino and walk out a winner,” said Christopher.

Reading is Fundamental

Getting ahead in the gambling game can be tough. In conjunction with Christopher’s many digital offerings, he also co-authored a book with his wife, Stacy, titled, 3% Millionaire Blueprint.

The book serves as a blueprint for gambling enthusiasts to essentially go from $100 to $1 million in a single year. That said, the responsibility is up to the reader in terms of generating profit. The book preaches the importance of adapting the ability to ‘think outside the box’ and ultimately teach the brain to believe in small victories first. After reading the book, the Mitchell’s believe that readers will establish a ‘winning mentality’ over the course of 365 days while staying both committed and focused to build outstanding gambling careers.

“It’s a proven fact that the way to create lasting change is to do it one step at a time. That is why the entire focus of this blueprint is to simply take one step at a time, reaching one small goal everyday,” stated Christopher. “This journey does not require anything superhuman, but merely a commitment to consistently take one step at a time to making a small three percent profit every single day.”

About Christopher Mitchell

Christopher Mitchell is the Top Professional Gambler and Gambling Consultant in the world. He teaches people how to find success in casinos in Baccarat, Roulette, Sports Betting, and more. After losing $500,000 in the Casinos, Christopher finally figured out how to win and created his personal recipe for success, which includes specific tips, rules and strategies to follow. He shares winning formulas with others all over the world through his private Inner Circle, exclusive Mastermind Events, as well as his personal one-on-one coaching program. For more information, please visit:

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