How ChoiceLocal’s CEO has Turned Grief Into Growth: Why Purpose-Led Businesses are Seeing Explosive Growth

In today’s world, it’s rare to find a company that’s based around purpose, faith, and helping others — and it’s even more rare to find a company that carries out these principles instead of just using them for show. But ChoiceLocal is that company. And it’s all thanks to the vision and leadership of its founder, Joe Soltis. 

Years ago, Soltis was working 60 hours a week as part of a large company he created. But when he and his wife tragically lost their unborn child, Ben, in 2012, that was the catalyst which propelled him that it was time to pivot. Instead of continuing in the corporate rat race, he started his own business — a faith-based, purpose-driven company that works with salt-of-the-earth people and gives 10% of its profits back to charities. 

Soltis founded ChoiceLocal in 2015. The company is a franchise digital marketing agency that works with 50 franchise brands in 35 different industries, providing Fortune 500-level services to these franchise systems. The company is based around core values like helping others; integrity in all things; amazing customer service; family; and giving. Additionally, ChoiceLocal has done philanthropic work that includes helping children, assisting hospitals, participating in Habitat for Humanity, and even help bringing sustainable water to countries in need.

“What matters is loving and helping others. We lead with purpose and heart,” he said. “Leading with true purpose — authentic purpose — instantly differentiates our company from the rest. Our teammates are not here to serve us; we are here to serve them. Our partners are not just mere clients. It’s our job to partner with them in making their dreams come true.”

From SEO to reputation management to marketing automation, ChoiceLocal offers virtually every type of marketing solution a franchise needs. In fact, the average franchise partner that works with the company has seen a 282% increase in new customer inquiries and $15.54 in new customer revenue for every $1 they invest in marketing with the company.

ChoiceLocal also offers a unique franchise development ecosystem. This helps franchisors attract new franchisees, giving franchisors everything they need in marketing and sales enablement so they can attract new customers, new employees, and new franchisees. 

ChoiceLocal is also unique because the company doesn’t offer long-term contracts to franchisors and franchisees. It also offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee. While this might seem unorthodox, it works: the ‘ChoiceLocal Guarantee’ backs up the company’s work and has given the agency a 96% annual client retention rate. This is likely because clients aren’t just viewed as clients, they’re treated as partners, with the company becoming a committed part of each client’s team with the mission of making their dreams a reality. 

“Our business is about serving others,” said Soltis. “Franchisors and franchisees so often don’t select a partner because of just what they do; they choose a partner because of how a business makes them feel. We’re about serving, listening, and exceeding their expectations. We do the same for our teammates, which most companies call employees. We really care about each person, their dignity, their goals, their happiness.” 

And ChoiceLocal’s philanthropic work has continued to grow right along with the business, itself. The company donates 10% of its profits, helping 10,000 kids per year. Soltis and his wife even founded the Benjamin Isaac Foundation, named after their son. The foundation helps children around the world receive nutrition, healthcare, education, safety, love, and faith.

“Through our example, we hope to create a snowballing effect to create countless purpose-driven businesses that can change the world for the better,” Soltis proclaimed. “I can’t think of a better way to live a life. Your business exists to help others. It has to have a meaning.”

And no one leads by example better than ChoiceLocal and Soltis.

“When a company does great work, has huge success, and has a great culture, the CEO often gets the credit,” he said, when asked about the success of his company. “Yet, I have to say, we have an amazing team that is super talented – yet more importantly they are good people with great hearts and when we plug them into the ChoiceLocal purpose-driven culture and system they thrive.  I am so grateful to work with such giving and amazing people every day.”

About ChoiceLocal

ChoiceLocal is a purpose-driven and results-focused digital marketing agency with a focus on small businesses and franchises. They are a member of IFA (International Franchise Association), named on the Inc. 5000 list, and rated as a Top Workplace for the last four years. To find out more about their purpose-driven marketing services, please visit

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