How Chava Mercado Went From $7 to 7-figures Working Remotely

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Despite the buzz around digital marketing as the best form of promotion for business, billboard advertisements have not fallen out of trend. Billboards are still one of the most effective forms of marketing campaigns to reach potential customers in busy areas and traffic-prone routes. This is the reason many brands still prefer to go the conventional route for brand marketing.

Although freeway billboards are more common for brands to advertise, there are several limitations to traditional billboard inventories. They are confined to a specific location,  one-sided, expensive, many times obstructed and/or damaged, and often restricted by city ordinances. This is where Chava Mercado has brought a change through innovation by introducing moving billboards. Chava Mercado is the CEO and founder of InMotion Media Group, a mobile billboard service provider agency for smart outdoor marketing.

Chava Mercado noticed the drawbacks of traditional static billboards that are often limited to certain locations only. This fueled the idea for mobile billboards that are more attention-grabbing as people tend to notice things that are large and vibrant and in motion faster than those that are static. In 2019, Chava Mercado founded the company, and during the first year, it was his part-time hustle. In March 2020, just a couple of weeks before the world reached a state of complete shutdown due to the pandemic, Chava Mercado began full-time operations in his company.

In a situation where people were confined indoors, it was hard for him to find clients willing to pay for outdoor advertising. Chava Mercado was determined to sustain the company even at the cost of losing all his savings. After a few months, he was left with only $7 in his account when he made a decision he would sell a part of his company to an investor. None of his friends or relatives had faith in him and his business idea so everyone refused to lend him money. It was during his acute financial crisis Chava Mercado found a ray of hope when he received an order worth 6 figures. Since then, he has never looked back or in need of outside investors.

Today, Chava Mercado, the brain behind InMotion Media Group, boasts a 7-figure net worth. He has worked with companies such as Nintendo, PepsiCo, DirecTV, MillerCoors, and Essentia Water until it was acquired by Nestle. InMotion Media Group has advertised for Fortune 500 brands, Influencers, Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Authors, and partnered with Non-Profit organizations like Feed The Children to provide food and essential items to thousands of people.  InMotion Media Group has access to a fleet of 15,000+ trucks ready to promote brands in all 50 states. The company has also won a national award for the best “Outdoor Ad in 2021” for a law firm client.

InMotion Media Group offers 3 interesting billboard packages to reach highly-targeted potential customers. The 53ft semi-truck package offers a higher impression with the lowest CPM. It is suitable for big brands who want more exposure. The 26ft box truck package is recommended for brands seeking exposure in hyper-local markets. The third package, an 11ft LED truck, is great for promoting short-term targeted events like store launches, political campaigns, premieres, conferences, festivals, etc.

Since the inception of InMotion Media Group, Chava Mercado has been focused on delivering more than expected or paid for. This has helped the company grow even during the pandemic when the global economy hit rock bottom. Chava Mercado is now looking forward to working with more global brands while also scaling up his net worth to 9 figures in the coming years.

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