How Chains NFT Is Changing the Game

Ever since they broke into mainstream media, NFTs have continued to make headlines as they bring significant changes to the world. They have disrupted the gaming industry, music world, and now the fashion industry with projects like Chains NFT changing the game.

A unique collection of 10,000 producible pendants and chains, Chains NFT, is changing the fashion world and merging digital fashion with physical jewelry. According to Michael Gauthier, co-founder and designer at Chains NFT, their goal is to transform the jewelry industry as they break through into the NFT space, creating more high-end and authentic jewelry pieces.

Michael has been a jewelry designer for 8+ years and has been privileged to work with A-list celebrities designing jewelry for top rappers from across the globe. Having been in the industry for quite some time, he is leveraging the skills gained to create the metaverse’s first luxury jewelry outlet.

Their NFT, Chains NFT, is bridging the gap between where the NFT space is and where it is headed, making it possible for others in the industry to easily navigate the space. “For most people, jewelry is an essential fashion item used to express oneself or just spice up your costume,” explains Michael. Michael adds that depending on the type of jewelry, some pieces can also be used to tell specific stories, bringing people together. To ensure that each piece is unique to the buyer and conveys the intended message, Michael is leveraging his skills to create one-of-a-kind digital and physical jewelry.

As the world evolves and the metaverse is quickly taking over, Chains NFT merges physical reality with the digital universe, changing the fashion industry. They have designed unique pieces of virtual jewelry that are sold as digital-physical pairs. This means that when you buy any piece from Chains NFT, you acquire both the object and the digital NFT representation of the jewelry.

Their unique approach and one-a-kind designs help them stand out, cementing their place in the fashion and NFT industries. In about seven weeks, Chains NFT has grown organically to over 23,000 members on Discord and 10,000 on Twitter.

Their roadmap has made it possible for them to reach their goals and close the gap between the fashion industry and the NFT space, building a community of high-end jewelry lovers. Jacob Bamdas, the co-founder and a well-known crypto investor/trader, notes that they aim to build a winning platform for buyers and change the game in the NFT marketplace.

Chains NFT is minimizing owners’ profit by redirecting proceeds back into the project to maximize its potential, benefitting the users. They are also helping their holders generate more passive income from sales generated at the Chains Sandbox shop and exclusive IRL (holders only) events that will be held at various hotspots around the world.

As NFTs become more and more popular, Michael and his partner Jacob are leveraging this novel technology to create the first high-end jewelry store in the metaverse. Their project, Chains NFT, is changing the game and making the fashion industry much better.

LA Weekly