How Casey Iola Got Out of the Rat Race and Traveled to 46 Countries

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A typical day for Casey Iola is spent either working from her laptop in her pajamas or enjoying the pleasures of a new country. She can be found trekking through mountains, soaking up the sun on an exotic beach, and taking pictures with locals and friends alike—all while working remotely as a lifestyle coach. Casey’s life as a digital nomad is an enviable one that many wish they could afford.

This lifestyle seems to be a privilege only for wealthy people, but Casey proves otherwise. In this era, you don’t have to spend the rest of your life climbing the corporate ladder waiting for a fat paycheck to help secure your retirement. You can become a digital nomad and have your fill of all things foreign and adventurous like Casey.

The South African-born Australian resident has spent the past seven years traveling the world and sampling diverse cultures on every continent. She has been to 46+ countries, lived in 5, and had more fun than many people enjoy. Interestingly, Casey didn’t always like traveling.

Casey’s passion for travel began after moving to Australia. After hating the idea of losing what was familiar to her at the time, she gradually got used to her new life and even developed a taste for adventure. Casey packed her bags as soon as she finished school and started moving around Australia, trying to find a place that felt like home. After four years in three cities and two heartbreaks, she realized she had to get out of Australia and see the world. She knew studying and working a 9–5 wasn’t for her, and thus began her pursuit of purpose and fulfillment.

In 2016, Casey moved solo to Asia for three months while waiting to be accepted as an entertainer on cruise ships. Casey joined the Carnival Cruise Line’s Fun Squad Entertainment team from 2016 until 2019, when she began her solo travels through Europe. After this, she moved to Canada for six months and took a new job as a luxury jewelry sales expert on the Royal Caribbean Cruises in January 2020. Unfortunately, COVID struck, and everything in the world ground to a halt.

Losing her job on the cruise ships after barely four months was devastating. Heartbroken and disappointed, Casey returned to Australia, but she knew she was not finished with traveling. However, she also knew she had to devise a system that would allow her to make money passively. That’s when Casey started exploring the digital marketing space. She got to work during the pandemic and learned everything she could about social media, marketing, and personal branding. She started growing her Instagram audience and gradually attracted loyal followers.

By the end of 6 months, the brand had scaled into a 6-figure business and was still growing. Now, Casey had the money to travel, but Australia was in lockdown and didn’t allow anyone to leave the country. In September, Casey bought her dream Mercedes Sprinter van and converted it into a home on wheels. She set off around Australia, and the business continued to grow as she traveled. When travel restrictions eased, she moved to California and traveled around the U.S. on and off for eight months.

Besides traveling, Casey’s other passion is empowering and equipping people who feel frustrated with their current circumstances to take action and change their situation. Her coaching program shows them how to leverage their innate abilities to create passive income streams through effective branding, marketing, content creation, and video strategy. Casey is also an expert at lead generation, DM strategies, sales funnels, and mindset coaching for empowered business owners.

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