How Cannabox Overcame Challenges to Become an Industry Leader

In any business, there are challenges, opportunities and risks involved. How you handle these determines the success or failure of your business.

Cannabox is a leading cannabis subscription service founded by Michael and Anthony Berk. They have experienced a whirlwind of opportunities, risks, and challenges over the last eight years. Not letting the setbacks overwhelm them, they continue to thrive.

Cannabox is a smoking subscription box and online smoke shop. It is widely known for its monthly curated themes that help its boxes be unique. Each package includes 6-8 cannabis accessories, such as Bongs, lighters, rolling papers, rolling trays, T-shirts and apparel, and snacks.

Like most start-up entrepreneurs, Michael and Anthony didn’t have enough capital to cover paid advertisements. Michael notes that they relied on word of mouth and referrals from previous clients.  As word spread and Cannabox continued to expand, they attracted clients from across other states. Then they started using social media to promote their cannabis accessories and their brand. Even though they have cemented their place in the industry, Cannabox continues to use organic marketing as this has proved to be a profitable marketing method for them.

The cannabis industry is dominated by large corporations; establishing your place requires persistence and hard work. Being in the same business as larger entities made it even harder for Cannabox to find success. According to Michael, they had lost their Instagram account and their credit card processing ability and had to start again.

Cannabox has had to grow their business through all organic marketing efforts. While many brands use pay per click on Google and Facebook along with web and tv ads to drive traffic. Cannabox is locked out of these opportunities because they are in the cannabis industry.

Another challenge they encountered at the beginning of their venture was shipping carriers seizing their packages. Choosing a carrier ship is a crucial step as they have a huge impact on your day-to-day activities and the overall success of your business.  To avoid making a similar mistake in the future, Cannabox invested time and resources in finding the carrier that best fulfilled their requirements and ensured timely delivery of the packages to their clients.

COVID-19 has caused delays in shipping, and more so with the lockdown. For a subscription service business to succeed depends on your ability to adapt to changes.  They were determined to ensure their clients never miss a package and the package arrives on time. The team knows that certain things are out of their control and sometimes delivery can be difficult during the pandemic. However, the team at Cannabox searched and secured the most dependable delivery service that wouldn’t let their customers down.

Regarding an impending PACT ban on Vape mail, Cannabox is aware that this will profoundly impact their business.

There are challenges that you can find a solution to and others that will require you to find an alternative. The goal is to survive. Even though there were challenges that caused the company to experience huge losses, they were unable to find a perfect solution. Cannabox did not close its operations. If you choose to quit, you are giving up on your dream and a chance of ever making it a reality. Michael Berk says the secret to succeeding amidst setbacks is to face them head-on.

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