How Business Man Tyler Bossetti Is Changing The Business World Through Crypto-Mining

As what is considered the “New Economy,” cryptocurrency is becoming widely popularized throughout the business world. Tyler Bossetti has mastered the art of intertwining that into his business 0 Percent.  

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Fierce business-man and entrepreneur, Tyler Bossetti spends his time expanding his areas of expertise in financial literacy while providing assistance to those who need it. Through understanding struggle himself, he is driven by his passion to create businesses such as 0 Percent, Orca Capital, Block Money Horus and Ra Development.

Bossetti is the co-founder of 0 Percent, a company created dedicated to helping others reach financial freedom. “0% is actually designed to help entrepreneurs get access to low interest and 0% capital,” he says. Bossetti believes that credit is the foundation of people’s finances, and recognizes the hardships several people face through living paycheck to paycheck. “If we can use 0% capital or low interest capital to eliminate high interest debt, which is why most people are paycheck to paycheck, we can get them capital to start and scale a business and create passive income streams by investing in real estate and the new digital economy.”

In addition to 0 Percent, Bossetti also works on other ventures Horus and Ra, which flow through 0 Percent. While it is a real estate company, it works closely with the principles in which 0 Percent is built on. Bossetti is a legacy real estate developer, with real estate deals that are more than 100+ units. “Horus and Ra are about creating legacy assets, while also building out major cash flow through crypto-mining right in the new economy.” 

Being an entrepreneur is not the only thing Bossetti does, however, he also has a book on the way. In “All For Nothing,” Bossetti dives into mindset and his journey through the business world. Fans can expect to get their hands on it in the coming months. “This is me just having an additional tool in the toolbox to share successes, lessons, and tell my story.”

He credits the adversity he has faced throughout his life as his biggest gift. Having experienced financial issues as a child through unfortunate circumstances, Bossetti channeled those experiences and turned them into what he has become today. “I believe we all are designed to do big things, and so, actually having a problem with money growing up, turned into a passion of understanding how money works.”

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Also on his resume, Bossetti has been labelled the expert of crypto-mining and of the new economy, with multiple facilities being built through him. He has mastered the craft at tying in cryptocurrency with 0 Percent in order to make doing business as smooth as possible. He believes that using NFTs or another form of tokenization is the future of business and is optimizational. “Someone could do that by coming to our platform and using the NFT, and they don’t have to wait for us to build the project, get tenants in there, and then start making a return on investment. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs gain access to capital to do what they wish, and then we ask how to get them to grow their income and become more financially literate and give them additional vehicles to invest in.” 

Bossetti is also an avid content creator. Through his Instagram, Bossetti is constantly sharing free value on how to get started & achieve financial independence. He also offers a look into how 0 Percent works, as a transparent means of communication in order for people to make educated financial decisions. “We highly recommend that you consume as much as you can so that you can make the best educated decision for yourself and your future.” Bossetti recommends checking out his Youtube and Facebook as well in order to access more of his content.

Tyler Bossetti, founder of 0 Percent and the leader of other projects, such as Horus and Ra which flow through 0 Percent, is an expert of the new economy through the use of crypto-mining and NFTs. Creating ways for clients to invest and make cash flow through tokenization, Bossetti is a master of what is considered the new economy. 

To find out more, visit, and check him out on Instagram.

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