How Business Developer Jeremiah Flowers Founded a One-of-a-Kind Coaching Program

At the age of 39, Flowers has more than 12 years of experience in business development, taxation, and money management through his tax advisory firm, TaxNerd. But he’s been acquiring business knowledge even longer, having started with entry-level job positions in various Fortune 500 companies when he was just 18 years old.

Now, Flowers is offering other would-be entrepreneurs a chance to succeed by setting up a coaching program for them, The Enterpriser Accelerator program.

“Starting a business is a stressful time for every business founder, but if you’re someone without a network of mentorship and support, it can be even harder,” said Flowers. “I was blessed to have my wife and my mentors at my side, and I want to provide that same support, coupled with the practical tools needed to succeed, to those interested in doing what I have done.”

He wants to use his experience to help others who have great ideas and who just need the right opportunity to find success, he added.

“I want to help people who need someone who isn’t afraid to let them thrive,” he said. “I want them to experience what it feels like to get a bigger piece of the pie so they can make a decision if they want to stay or go.”

Becoming “The Enterpriser”

As Flowers gained business expertise, he shared his knowledge with others – friends and other members of his community who needed advice, first about taxes, then about business in general. Before long, Flowers rebranded himself as “The Enterpriser:” someone who excels at undertaking adverse tasks and taking other people through founding their own enterprise from start to finish. From there, it felt only natural to start a program designed to go more in-depth on what

The Enterpriser Accelerator Program teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to build a scalable business. From exploring how ongoing business planning can help businesses provide a consistent product or service in the marketplace and teaching how to conduct an in-depth industry analysis of a price-point platform to simplifying business administration and systems to accelerate revenue growth and close more deals, Flowers’ program has you covered.

The best candidates for his coaching style are people with experience in areas such as healthcare, aviation, real estate, media and entertainment, armed forces, transportation,  law enforcement, education etc. who want to start their own business. While they may be earning six figures as an employee, they want help turning what they do into a business and monetizing their ideas, Flowers said.

“Get a mentor who has been where you want to be and have the mentor show you the way,” he said. “

Making It Big

In addition to developing his mentorship and coaching program, Flowers is working on the streaming of his short film TV series entitled, “The Enterpriser” which creates a visualization to entrepreneurs on the ups, downs, pros and cons of being in business. The first episode Double Taxation is set to stream in December 2021, it shows to viewers the importance of how to Regulate Money, Shelter Money & pay little to NO TAXES® while at the same time laying a foundation for long-term business success. Other episodes will cover topics such as capital reserve revenue, branding, depreciable assets, diversification, and legacy protection.

“For a lot of people, taking in information formally is stressful and that prevents them from actually learning anything,” Flowers said. “Making a TV show is a great way to make this information accessible to everyone, and even a little bit fun.”

Flowers has also written a book, “How to Control, Employ & Steward Money,” which peels back the fundamentals of retaining money, the importance of foresight in business management, and other strategies for running a business.

But for Flowers, all of these ventures aren’t about getting his name out there, nor are they solely about making money. It’s about the endowment of wisdom, knowledge and understanding into others so they too can build a legacy – and, in doing so, building a legacy for those who look up to him.

“I made a vow to myself and God that I was going to become a man that would show my wife, my children and the world on what it looks like to be a husband, father and leader,” Flowers said in explaining his motivation to assist others in building businesses. “I want to provide a platform for communications, and I want to continue to learn people’s visions and dialect styles in order to be a vessel where people can come and get what they need.”

About Jeremiah Flowers

Jeremiah Flowers, known as “The Enterpriser,” helps aspiring business owners build their businesses from the ground up with compliance and scalability in mind. He has a new TV show series launching in December 2021. Apply to his Enterpriser Accelerator Program today.

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