How Broadus Palmer, Ex-Banker Of 14 Years Successfully Made The Leap Into Cloud Engineering

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Broadus Palmer is the voice of wisdom for all aspiring tech workers entering the cloud computing industry. Making courageous strides in a new career takes more than the standard know-how that standard certifications provide. A leader who becomes an authority and expert on a topic has a deep level of awareness and understanding of exactly what led them to their success.

In the case of Broadus Palmer, founder of Level Up In Tech, the company’s formation and success came about after navigating his own journey, ultimately leading to the desire to create a safe and ideal learning environment for others on the same path.

In most fields, it is standard that experience is a prerequisite in landing any role. In the tech industry and cloud computing in particular, having hands-on experience and problem-solving skills has you stand out as an ideal candidate. When Broadus Palmer decided to leave his job as a banker of 14 years, on a $42,000 salary, and step into a 6-figure tech role in cloud computing, he simultaneously reached milestone after milestone, becoming the catalyst that would go on to transform many lives.

To leave behind a job of 14 years means sacrificing security and comfort. However, Broadus decided to take the leap anyway, even though he was armed with no prior experience or know-how in the tech industry. Even though he spent countless hours of studying, upskilling, becoming certified, and preparing for interviews, he soon realised that his education was incomplete as he lacked the skills necessary to solve the real problems faced by the company of his potential future employer.

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This journey ultimately put Broadus in a position where he was determined to make a change in the industry when it came to helping ideal candidates land their dream roles in tech. Cloud Career Coaching through Level Up In Tech is structured to give those in the program the opportunity to gain real-world experience. In the process, they learn how to best prepare for interviews so that when they complete the coaching, they fit seamlessly into their roles and land high paying jobs, just as Broadus did.

Broadus has featured in major media publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine and Business Insider. He is also a strong leader of his team who are constantly growing and developing their mindset. Broadus emphasises, “We tell our guests in our program to look at frustrations and challenges as opportunities to learn and get better at what it is you’re learning to do.”

Broadus’ hands-on coaching uses the industry’s hottest tools and skills to get the job done. Furthermore, he believes that the future lies embedded in cloud computing and the need for skilled workers is more evident than ever, stating, “In 10 years’ time, I believe we will be in a time of autonomous technology, and a lot of industries will be cut out because of the new tech available. So right now is the perfect time for people to learn the cutting edge tech that will be taking over, today.”

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