How Bilal Khoja Overcame Challenges to Build a Thriving Online Business

Life is like a roller-coaster ride, and there are many ups and downs. However, sometimes, the downs are too low, threatening our goals and some even halting our journey.  While it’s extremely difficult to keep pushing during such times, giving up is not the best option, and renowned tech expert Bilal Khoja has proven this. Growing up in a financially unstable family, Bilal has built a thriving business.  How did he do it?  He shares how he overcame obstacles to reach the top.

At the age of six, Bilal Khoja and his family fled Afghanistan to Denmark.  Bilal had to learn about a new country and a new city, which was very challenging for the young dreamer, and he always felt like he was at the bottom of society.  This was a constant reminder for Bilal to work harder so he could live a much better life, an experience that pushed him to start his journey.

Still a student at Aalborg University where he was studying Computer Science, Bilal started his own online media business.  By continuously working hard and providing helpful solutions to the community, his media company started to pick up, growing into something that provided him a living.

Bilal says that, at the time, he was deep in debt due to the student loans and didn’t have money to even pay his dentist.  He used the money he got from his business to pay off his debts and expand his venture, and his website began to attract a lot of attention.

As he didn’t have the resources to hire new members to help him, Bilal quit his studies to focus on his company, Flexter, which opened up more opportunities.  He notes that he would often work 6-7 days a week. Later he employed people to help him with the business.  Today, Bilal has hired three people locally and 20 from across the globe.

His website receives over a million monthly visits, mainly from countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and other European countries.  Bilal’s brands have also been featured in top-tier magazines, including Business Insider, NBC News, Wired, Premium Beat, and Intel.

From struggling to make ends meet to purchasing his first car at twenty years old and owning an apartment at 21, Bilal turned his life around.  Despite the challenges, he has managed to fulfill his dream.  He says that one thing he has learned is success is dependent on your determination and resilience.  Bilal also adds the importance of surrounding yourself with people who have common goals as you and always striving to be a better version of yourself.

While money can’t buy happiness, financial independence gives you the freedom and tools to become happy if you use it right, says Bilal.  He encourages others to pursue a side business and start investing early to avoid being wage slaves.

Looking into the future, Bilal says his plan is to expand his venture into different areas such as film, music, automotive, among others.-

LA Weekly