How Best Brilliance Revolutionized the Jewelry Industry through Innovation and a Green Initiative

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As we grow older, our wishlist evolves from toys and books to clothes and accessories. But of course, jewelry has always been a staple in the wishlist of many. Still, searching for something extravagant can be difficult as most stones resemble one another with different prices. So when jeweler Guy Mendel noticed the lack of diversity in the industry, he took it upon himself to revolutionize the jewelry industry by creating the brand Best Brilliance.

Guy Mendel’s journey into entrepreneurship started in 2006. At the time, he worked as a broker selling B2B. Whereas most people would not give it a second thought, Guy noticed that the stores he visited presented the same stones. Coming from a family that has been in the business since the 1950s, he was able to catch the detail, prompting him to follow his family’s footsteps and delve into diamonds.

A new brand of jewelry was created

With his background in the industry, Guy created Best Brilliance in 2013, a brand that strives to serve customers with pride, top-of-the-line products, best value for money, and best customer service. “When I opened Best Brilliance, I wanted the diamonds to reach buyers’ hands out of the understanding that there is a business opportunity,” he explained. “We can reach the buyer and cut the supply chain, allow much better competitive prices, increase product quality, and be an A-Z stop.”

Best Brilliance primarily offers gold diamond rings jewelry as a base for over eight years, but have shifted their focus in the last year. The team at Best Brilliance saw the market shift as new millennials sought a greener, more environment-friendly solution, leading them to hatch a plan for this shift. They started to manufacture Moissanite gems and lab-grown diamonds, which resemble real diamonds but are engineered from silicon carbide. Once the products hit the market, they took the industry by storm. The Moissanite gems and lab-grown diamonds became a hit due to their aesthetic and adaptability to be replaced with natural diamonds. In addition, the products drove prices, allowing buyers to go through a buying experience for larger center stone blings.

A staple of diamond jewelries

While its products have become a staple in the brand, Best Brilliance also provides customers with an innovative experience by allowing them to schedule online meetings and browse through their inventory in high-resolution, eliminating the need to drive for hours and browse through the same catalogs. Additionally, the brand offers a custom design process, giving customers the chance to create a sentimental gift for their loved ones.

Once a buyer decides on their center stone, the CAD team of Best Brilliance will scan the stone with a state-of-the-art 360 scanner and insert the file into the CAR software, allowing the item’s design to wrap itself around the ring with extreme accuracy. Once the CAD file is prepared, customers can confirm the design before going into production. The team at Best Brilliance have been handpicked for their craftsmanship, helping the company thrive in the industry.

“We can’t settle for less than excellent. We want the best for our buyers,” said Guy. “We never sit still. We are looking for solutions for all price levels while keeping product quality on the top of our minds, following bespoke trends and classic ‘forever’ designs.”

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