How BEMER Group’s Market-Disrupting Technology is Driving Athletic Performance & Recovery  by Improving Circulation

In all aspects of society, from manufacturing to medicine to marketing, technological inventions help push industries, and therefore civilization, forward. Simply put, human progress has always been intricately linked to advancements in technology. Medical innovations like the x-ray, vaccines, and DNA sequencing have not only pushed society forward, but also allowed us to live longer, healthier lives.

That being said, there’s a revolution happening in the world of injury prevention, recovery, and performance right now. The days when athletes were told to play through injuries and traveled in planes full of cigarette smoke are long gone. Now, collegiate and professional sports organizations spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on top-of-the-line recovery technologies and medical initiatives. The revolution is centered around a heavy focus on optimizing the body to prevent injury, maximize performance, and speed up recovery, and there’s one driving factor that can make all the difference: improved circulation.

Introducing BEMER, a patented FDA Class II cleared consumer medical device and health and wellness brand. Founded in Europe, BEMER is making waves in the health and wellness industry with its non-invasive, easy-to-use, and safe products that stimulate muscles to increase blood flow and oxygen delivery in just two 8 minute sessions a day. Athletes, sports physicians, physical therapists, cardiovascular specialists, functional doctors, and naturopaths agree that BEMER’s product roster is the most innovative list of wireless recovery-tech products in the marketplace. With different products at different price points serving all the potential recovery needs of professional and amateur athletes alike, BEMER’s products are united by the brand’s patented technology stimulating muscles, helping to increase blood flow, and therefore oxygen, to the muscles. BEMER products can also enhance muscle recovery, muscle strength, muscle conditioning, performance, stress reduction, relaxation, and rest. A long list of benefits that can help athletes as well as individuals in stressful environments or situations.

While BEMER has been innovating in the marketplace for over 20 years, it’s finding its product-market fit at the ideal time. Professional sports organizations are doubling down on their players’ health, and the players are making their own individual efforts as well. Top athletes looking to extend their playing career, keep their bodies healthy, and maximize their performance are on a personal mission to find the most innovative recovery technology and programs to help them do so. Inventive companies like BEMER are helping top athletes thread this needle.

Extending his career and winning Super Bowls well into his mid-40s, Tom Brady is known for spending an incredible amount of time and money focusing on maintaining the health of his body. This is paying off as the famous Quarterback is playing longer and winning more Super Bowls than any other player in history. Additionally, it was recently reported that another top NFL quarterback, Russell Wilson, spends $1 million a year on his body to emulate Tom Brady and stay in the league past 45. Further, top athletes in other sports are doing the same as LeBron James, Serena Williams, and Cristiano Ronaldo have all won championships and accolades well into their mid-30s.

As companies like BEMER continue to push recovery technology into the future, athletes are thriving at ages where their predecessors used to retire. Professional athletes such as PGA golfer & Masters Champion Mike Weir, adventurer and climber Jimmy Chin, Brooke Burke, Ben Garland, Lesley Patterson, Tyson McGuffin, Denise Korenek, Jordan Palmer, Amy Van Dyken, Miki Barber, Louie Vito, Rebecca Rush, and Mark Abna are on the record stating how valuable BEMER’s products are.

Pioneered by a team of scientific and medical professionals, BEMER products help athletes and individuals increase their physical longevity and decrease their recovery time by enhancing local circulation. With their state-of-the-art muscle stimulators, the BEMER team is providing people with more sustainable long-term recovery —  in just two 8-minute sessions a day. This emphasis on circulation is an highly effective technique that has, unfortunately, been overlooked and underutilized by physical therapists and other medical professionals in the past. Now, with BEMER’s patented therapeutic signal using a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology, athletes can make use of this modern technique to recover from training as well as prevent injuries before they happen. While other devices claim they’re like BEMER because they also use pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), BEMER is the only low-frequency, low-power FDA Class II cleared medical device that wirelessly stimulates the muscles, increasing local circulation and enhancing performance.

While BEMER’s products are trusted by professional athletes, the technology is also beneficial for amateur athletes, middle-aged biohackers, and older individuals looking to prolong their health, recover physically, and de-stress.

Offering a ‘Starter-Set’ and a ‘Deluxe-Set,’ all BEMER sets include the famous BEMER B.Box professional control unit and additional accessories enabling consumers with different lifestyles to use BEMER products in different situations. With German engineering and Swiss craftsmanship, the touch-screen B.Box is easy-to-transport and easy-to-use. The B.Box powers the various BEMER applicators by sending pulsed electromagnetic fields to users’ bodies via full body pads, smaller local application pads, as well as targeted pads for sitting and targeted therapy for the limbs.

The BEMER Starter-Set is perfect for those looking to get started with BEMER and comes equipped with the B.Box, the B.Body applicator for full-body application, and the B.Spot applicator for local & targeted application.

For individuals with a more intense athletic or active lifestyle, the BEMER Deluxe-Set is perfect for all of their recovery needs — whatever environment they may find themselves in. The Deluxe-Set includes the B.Box, the B.Body applicator for full-body application, the B.Pad & B.Spot applicators for local & targeted application, the B.Scan, a Battery and Car Power Cable, and a Custom Backpack for those on the go. The Deluxe-Set enables BEMER users to take advantage of the innovative PEMF technology anywhere in the world, without the need for electricity.

Founded in Europe almost 25 years ago, BEMER has an international reach with groundbreaking products for humans as well as horses. Since BEMER products can only be purchased from official BEMER distributors, please visit their website to be connected to a local BEMER distributor.  

*BEMER does not provide any medical advice or services. This device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It should not be used for any purpose other than as described in the user manual. Please consult your own healthcare provider if you have any medical issues.

BEMER USA, LLC a subsidiary of BEMER Int. AG, is a leading global medical device company specializing in the research & development, manufacture and distribution of health products. Founded in 1998, BEMER now operates in 29 countries, with hundreds of employees and thousands of independent distributors. BEMER is a leading innovator in powered muscle stimulators and holds an FDA Class II clearance in the United States and Health Canada registrations along with numerous international patents. BEMER products have been shown to safely stimulate healthy muscles, resulting in a temporary increase in local blood circulation, which can optimize physical performance, strengthen muscles, enhance muscle recovery, reduced stress, improved relaxation, and a better overall feeling of wellbeing. BEMER products are currently used globally by over hundreds of thousands of consumers, hospitals and clinics, and professional athletes.

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