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Baskal Korkis is an entrepreneur and real estate investor who is vastly different than other individuals who have flourished in a certain sector. When most people attain success in a certain space, they often continue their involvement, or infuse more funds to expand the space they have seemingly conquered. Although Korkis attained early prosperity in his entrepreneurial career, he continued to look outside the sector that made him so successful. He is the renaissance man of investing, applying his knowledge and vision to different sectors to grow his far-reaching empire.

Korkis began his path to financial success at the tender age of 14, he is now 35 and has over 16 buildings around the Tampa Bay area in Florida. Korkis has a robust portfolio that most retail investors could only dream of, he is the owner of an accounting firm, a rental company, a financial services company, an insurance agency with a specialty in real estate investment, and a mortgage company that oversees all aspects involved with real estate investment. With in-depth industry knowledge and expertise in the real estate sector, Korkis began to use his entrepreneurial savvy to create a number of businesses that branched off of real estate.

Korkis utilizes his multitude of companies as a premier solution to save invaluable time and money, increasing his profit margins on his real estate ventures, while simultaneously facilitating all necessary components that are needed to close a deal.

Korkis also seeks to educate like-minded investors who wish to emulate his success, he uses his Instagram and LinkedIn accounts as a viable educational tool, he also sells online courses that give people his methodology to mirror his success. Korkis deviates from the famous saying, “Those who can’t do, teach”, as he has accomplished all of the things he focuses on in his online courses. His numerous businesses are a testament to his success, positioning him to be a great educator for people of all ages who want to engulf themselves in the real estate industry.

Korkis places monumental importance on understanding the future of every business, he seeks to understand every minor aspect of the business to achieve sustained success. Korkis is a visionary entrepreneur that continues to chase excellence in all of his endeavors, his streamlined approach to real estate with his multitude of companies is what separates him from the masses who aim to mimic the success Korkis attained early in his career.

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