How Bangin Hair Helps You Take Back Your Confidence

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Can bad hair days become things of the past? That’s what the founder of Bangin Hair asked, too, and they answered with clean ingredient hair care. This all-new line of vegan hair products uses clean, all-natural ingredients that promote rapid, healthy hair growth. This woman owned business in southern California is the first of its kind and delivers nothing but the strong, sexy hair you’ve always deserved.

From age-related damage to hair loss from stress, postpartum, and COVID, Bangin Hair is helping women win back their confidence. And truth be told, it’s the only hair product you’re going to need this summer.

Bangin Hair Turns Hair Care On Its Head

The hair care industry is huge. But despite the thousands of brands and products out there, the majority of them only focus on the symptoms of hair, like oil, shine, hydration, or texture.

Bangin Hair is changing the game by focusing on the root cause (pun intended) of what makes hair look its best — its health.

You see, all the hair care products in the world aren’t going to give you strong, healthy hair for the long term if they’re not designed to do so. When you focus on improving your hair’s health first, it will naturally grow faster and stronger and look better. You won’t have to fight the frizz, strip the oils, worry about flaking or breakage, or pile on the styling products.

Bangin Hair launched on international women’s day, March 2022 to the tune of rave reviews. To date, Bangin Hair has been featured on WGN Chicago for alopecia hair loss, as well as the King 5 segment for Top Spring Must-Have Beauty Products.

It’s not easy to turn heads in a multi-billion-dollar industry, and yet that’s exactly what they are doing — for all the right reasons. It’s not just their hair products that are getting noticed, but also all the healthy, beautiful hair they’re creating, especially for customers who thought their hair goals were out of reach.

They have helped women, men, and children grow gorgeous locks while battling major barriers like alopecia, stress hair loss, postpartum hair loss, COVID hair loss, and chemo hair loss. They are helping them regain their confidence by restoring their hair naturally without surgeries, procedures, or harmful ingredients. They deserve it — and so do you!

What’s In Bangi’ Hair Care Products?

Bangin Hair isn’t a miracle, it’s science. The founder has done some heavy homework in finding the most effective ingredients to promote natural hair growth. You can explore their clean ingredients on their website, but here are a few highlights:

Horsetail Extract

This herbal remedy has been used since ancient Greek and Roman times. We love it because it helps to strengthen hair strands (and bones and nails) and improve scalp circulation.


Adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha promote strong, healthy hair while reducing hair loss. They also work to balance the hormones, a main cause of hair loss in women.

Black Seed

Nigella sativa (black seed) has been clinically shown to reduce hair loss by as much as 76%. What’s more, black seed oil promotes healthy hair growth and locks in the hair’s moisture.

Saw Palmetto

Both oral and topical saw palmetto supplements improve hair quality, increase hair count, and increase the hair’s density.

Get the Best “Bang” for Your Buck

Bangin Hair comes in two formulas, giving you healthy hair your way. First up, the best-selling Bangin Hair serum. After washing your hair, add a full dropper of hair serum to your wet locks and scalp, then style as usual. Use it daily or whenever you need a refresh. You’ll know it’s working when you can’t stop touching your silky strands.

Bangin’ Hair vitamins are naturally delicious and convenient, making it easy to add healthy hair to your daily routine. They don’t just help with rapid hair growth but have the most clean ingredients than any other hair brand and help with your overall immune healthy, build collagen, stress & more. They’re guaranteed to be your new BFF.

Where to Buy Bangin Hair

Bangin Hair is manufactured in the USA and uses only natural- clean ingredients intended to promote healthy hair growth. You can stary your healthy hair journey by purchasing on their website, ready for you to transform your hair and take back your confidence? We are!

Shop our collection today and get the Bangin Hair that will turn heads this summer!

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