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Social media has opened the door to numerous opportunities that have never existed before. It is possible to become an online celebrity and influencer with little more than an idea and a smartphone. However, becoming noticed by the right people usually takes a great deal of time. It can take years to build up a solid online presence when a brand goes at it alone.

Being an internet celebrity or influencer requires you to get people to engage with you on major social media platforms. You also need to be effective in influencing them to take action, be it simply by engaging with your content, buying a product or service you are promoting, or something else. Not everyone is well-versed or skilled in out to achieve this. That is why it can help tremendously to hire an online PR agency like Ascend Agency.

Ascend Agency has helped its clients increase their brand awareness by getting articles published on them featured in popular online publications like LA Times, Vogue, HuffPost, Forbes, and dozens of others. When a brand is featured in these publications, their popularity and authority get a significant boost, which can lead to explosive growth.

A brand that has articles in multiple publications begins to establish its clout within its respective niche or industry. This can help lead to bigger social media followings and even more customers. People will see that they can trust your brand more because it is being praised in publications, they trust themselves.

Getting articles published about a brand also gets brands ranking higher on search engine results pages. When someone is searching for your brand online, you want them to see that first page of the search results being packed with articles showing it in a favorable light. Having all of those articles displayed prominently at the top of search results also increases traffic to your brand’s website and social media pages. Increasing brand visibility will help expand your brand’s notoriety and authority.

Another benefit of having content published on your brand is the ability to get verified on major social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Those blue check marks you see next to some profiles on social media mean that the individual or brand is an established one within their niche and has been featured in news publications. Getting the blue tick also helps you avoid getting impersonated by fake accounts that may be attempted to ruin your reputation.

Ascend Agency can help with increasing reputation and improving it thanks to the articles it writes about your brand. If you want to have a solid reputation and get your social media pages verified, this boutique PR agency has the knowledge and expertise to do exactly that.

As an agency that is passionate about driving growth for brands and helping them expand their authority and online presence, Ascend Agency is an excellent ally to have on your side. It is committed to delivering the best possible service it can to its clients, helping drive their continued success.

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