How are QR codes used for gaming promotions?

In gaming promotions and the general live streaming world, Twitch continues to reign supreme as the biggest platform for broadcasting video game sessions.

They’re so big in fact, that Business of Apps show they have a 41% year-on-year increase in 2021 after generating approximately $2.6 billion in revenue, mostly from ads and promotions.

This growing popularity inspires gamers to get more creative in promoting their Twitch platforms and getting more viewers, be it paid or not.

One of the most effective, engaging, and low-cost ways of promoting your games is to use a dynamic free QR code generator with logo.

Studies show that QR codes always pique the curiosity of people seeing it.

When these QR codes are customized, most people will be naturally drawn to see what lies on the other side of those colorful, on-brand QR codes.

In terms of ads, QR codes never run out of great features. Here are some of the best QR code uses in gaming promotions.

1.   Promoting your game app

If you’re one of those gamers who have levelled up and started releasing their own gamer app, then you’d know that QR codes are one of the best, most effective ways to get people to try your new game on their phone.

A Multi URL QR code will allow automatic app downloads based on the user’s phone. So whether it’s Android or iOS, users only need to scan the code, and they will be led to the Google Play Store or App Store to download your game app, easy.

2.   Customized background with QR code

You’ll wonder why not every video game streamer is doing this, but one effective way to actually promote your social media pages or merch is to put a QR code on your streaming background.

This should easily lead them to your website, product page, or a of your online platforms.

One way to turn off followers — potential or regular — is to let them type in every website or discount code you’re promoting.

To continue being a relevant content creator, always put your viewers first. And that means providing the most convenient ways of connecting with them and promoting your products.

3.   Share live streaming link

Make your followers feel FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) if they don’t see you playing your favorite game live. One way to do this is to readily pin your Twitch live streaming link across all your platforms.

You can easily edit the existing QR code with a new one when you use a dynamic QR code generator online.

If you’ve earned a good number of followers, you can leverage your social media pages to promote your gaming live streams.

Create an on-brand image of your social media post, and add a QR code to it so your followers and potential viewers won’t have to type in your Twitch username or URL.

4.   QR code for an exclusive live streaming event

One way to filter your community and create that feeling of exclusivity is to post a QR code that leads to an invite-only live streaming event.

You can get them to figure out the pass code through a puzzle or other hints, which will let them enter the link and save the date of your next live streaming event.

The QR code can also lead to a Patreon payment or donation page to get them started on being a part of your exclusive community.

5.   Link to brand sponsor website

Professional streamers know how to manage and promote their sponsors well. Once you’ve created a nice clip, you can add a QR code that will lead viewers to the website or product you’re endorsing.

Add an urgent call to action such as “Limited time offer!” to get more viewers to scan the code. This can also be a PDF QR code that shows more details about the product.

If you’re still in doubt about the use of QR codes in ads and promotions, just remember that Coinbase’s 2022 Super Bowl ad only showing a colorful bouncing QR code caused their app to crash.

Needless to say, this brought enough hype for them to get talked about both online and offline. QR codes are THAT effective when done right!

What are the best QR code uses you’ve seen on Twitch so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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