How Anthony DeGalbo Grew OnlyOptionsTrades $3 Million in the First Year

Establishing a business and nurturing it to success can be a tough hurdle for any entrepreneur. It not only demands close attention, but there is also no guarantee of making a profit, especially in the early days. As an entrepreneur, you are typically investing time and resources into a potential avenue with the dream of making it big in a few months or years. Though it can be a challenging journey, well-positioned entrepreneurs with clear strategies and goals always find success, as shown by Anthony DeGalbo.

Anthony is a thriving entrepreneur and the founder of OnlyOptionsTrades, a top online options trading teaching program. At the beginning of 2020, Anthony realized the demand for financial education among millennials. With the onset of the pandemic, many people who were in lockdown turned to the stock market for a second source of income. It was then Anthony noticed that millennials often have several misconceptions about stock market investing and founded OnlyOptionsTrades.

OnlyOptionsTrades is a unique program that presents investors and traders with an authentic instructional approach in a sector where other younger platforms sell AI-automated products that investors could simply “plug-and-play.” OnlyOptionsTrades did over $3 million in revenue in 2021 in their first full year of business regardless of their competition.

OnlyOptionsTrades highlights that success in stock trading requires a lot of effort. There are numerous factors to consider, ranging from technical analysis used to locate lucrative trades to the psychological component of regulating your emotions. All of this boils down to having a good understanding of the stock market and the right mindset.

As a result, the OnlyOptionsTrades team works to help other traders by sharing the skills and knowledge they’ve gained over the years through trial and error. They concentrate on educating traders on how to optimize their profits by describing risk management and loss-minimization tactics.

This is done through consistent everyday live classes that have since won the hearts of many. Essentially, the OnlyOptionsTrades team hosts live classes that teach various topics, including option Greeks, candlestick patterns, and psychological trading. This unique, education-first, profit-second approach led the relatively new company to establish its presence in the industry as a transformative brand for everyone, including newbies in the business.

“For anything to boast of being democratized, it has to focus on the individual and give more power to the individual. Automated platforms can be very effective in yielding returns, but often the major reason for their success is the seasoned veteran traders behind them doing the magic. If we continue empowering investors’ ignorance, more and more power will be concentrated in these investors’ companies, and in the long run, the investor will be at a disadvantage,” explains Anthony.

One thing that sets OnlyOptionsTrades apart is its focus on providing high-quality education. OnlyOptionTrades focuses on assisting its customers to become consistently profitable rather than merely making money. They share their expertise to help traders better comprehend the market and expand their trading skills.

Anthony is now focused on expanding OnlyOptionsTrades’ services, offering more live classes, and more ways for everyone to learn. The main goal is to develop an app that will allow members to join online classes at any time and view previously-recorded lectures.

For Anthony, every investor in the stock or foreign exchange market needs to understand the markets and the risks involved before they start pumping in money.

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