How Andrew Glisson Built a Portfolio of 200 Rental Homes While Working Full-time

Technology is a wonderful thing. It has improved our lives in so many ways and given us opportunities we never thought possible. From self-driving cars to smart homes, the business landscape has been altered and adapted to this shift in how we live our lives. Today, technology has changed the way businesses operate by improving efficiency, communication, productivity, and creativity. Consequently, it’s entrepreneurs who use technology that survive and scale further than their competition. Andrew Glisson is one such entrepreneur with an incredible story about how he built his portfolio of 200 rental homes while working a full-time job. Andrew attributes his success in the real estate industry to his dedication to utilizing technology and media effectively.

Andrew is a Memphis-based entrepreneur and savvy real estate investor. He is the founder and managing partner at Neighborhood Revival, a fast-rising real estate company with operations in Memphis and Indianapolis. Before venturing full-time into real estate, Andrew was the senior vice president for a Fortune 500 financial services firm in Houston. Growing up in a middle-class family taught Andrew the importance of financial freedom at a young age. As a result, he developed a strong desire to excel, leading him to explore growth opportunities any chance he got. That’s how he got into real estate and achieved success so rapidly.

So, how did Andrew juggle two demanding careers and never drop the ball? He leveraged technology and developed the right marketing strategies that ensured rapid growth was not only possible but inevitable.

As a tech enthusiast, Andrew saw the internet for what it was: a transformative tool that would allow him to connect and maintain relationships with people anywhere at any time. As a business owner, he could get eyeballs on his projects without sacrificing one job for another.Andrew was also an early adopter of social media and knew it would be a crucial marketing tool to generate goodwill in a community of future residents. He hit the ground running, and long before the first project even began, he had generated enough buzz on social media. “I pushed our business page hard in the beginning that I was on the scene and making big changes in the neighborhoods we did business in,” he says.

When Andrew started Neighborhood Revival, he made a dramatic entry with loads of before and after videos and photographs. He also chose a different route and brought a new style to the market. When other developers were stuck in what he refers to as “builder’s beige,” Andrew introduced a fresh bright color palette that people loved. On top of that, Andrew’s team once renovated 10 houses on the same street, generating a lot of attention from other players in the industry and potential future residents. Andrew also placed huge 4×8’ signs on the lawns of homes he was renovating so people would know who it was. “I like the drama,” he admits.

Gradually, Andrew’s company became a force to be reckoned with in the Memphis market, and for the right reasons. For starters, Andrew has never been one to cut corners in his projects. Instead, he puts a lot of time and care into his projects, setting himself apart from other developers who only care about cosmetics and profit. His efforts have paid off and grown his initial investment of $3M into an eight-figure business, allowing him to leave his full-time Houston job and spend more time doing what he loves. Andrew’s goal is to scale further and train other people who will continue his legacy.

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